Gangan Sachdev Interview


Gangan Sachdev Interview


Gangan Sachdev Interview

unnamedIn the world of fitness BODYLINE & FitExpo Kolkata is the biggest brands working. Mr Gagan Sachdev the man behind this two brands has one more brand in his pocket and that is "ASSAM WARRIORS" a franchise of BOOM - Indian Premier Fighting League. Gangan Sachdev is one of the main sponsor and supporter for BOOM from a long time and again he proved when he stand with BOOM and showed his love and support for the game.  We are lucky enough to ask him few things which he had answered in a wonderful way.

1. Last year BOOM MMA 5 took place with mega fitness carnival Fitexpo.
How you feel about that? It was one of its kind experience for the People of Kolkata as first time we could see a live MMA fight in a cage. It was a big attraction at FitExpo 2016. 

2. As a big time fitness Entrepreneur How you see MMA business?  Do you think MMA has potential to take over in India like north America.
    I can see a lot of potentioal in MMA in India . it has a great future and once it spreads all over , I am sure the corporates will start putting in money like other glamorous Sports and thus this Sport will grow. Although it may take  quire some time to become as big as N America. 

3. As you are the Director of Bodyline and convener of fitexpo how you see the support of this two brands to BOOM MMA.
     I have supported BOOM MMA from day one and will continue doing so. Will also try to promote as much as possible in the Fitness Community.

4. What is your point of view on working policy of  the President and CEO of BOOM MMA.

        They are dedicated, hardworking and at the same they are also working on spreading the Sport and bringing in more talents into this Sport. 

5. MMA is not only a competitive sports but its a good art for Fitness and Self defence how you think about that?

        Yes of course it is a great Fitness format and I  would like this sport to be introduced into all fitness Centres and Gym facilities  in and around kolkata.
6. You are one of the most emminent business person in the world of fitness industry so how do you see MMA in terms of fitness?
         As i have already said it is a great form of fitness workout and I can see it catching up fast in Gym facilities too.  
7. Well all know that fitexpo 2016 was super hit so what are your plans for fitexpo 2017? Is there any planning to take fitexpo over seas ?
    We are planning to take FitExpo to the next level and will of course take it to places but may be after a year or two.
8. Tell the world something about your team Assam Warriors which you own in BOOM MMA IPFL?
     I think we have an incredible Team Assam and we have some great fighters , which I am sure are going to rock and win.
9. What will you say when some experts says fitness is all about steroids specially body building & MMA fighting ?
     There are Myths about everything and about every Sport. Some people confuse between Nutritional Supplements and Steroids , they are not the same. Fitness at all levels should be supported by proper Nutritional Support, and we have experts for that, which needs to be understood.
If at all there are steroids , then they should be banned for sure.
10. What will be your special advice to the fitness world ?
      Fitness is prime ! Fitness is divine ! Fitness also leads to Good Karma. So keep pushing yourself towards betterment of Life by keep yourself Fit. Be it any format of Fitness Workout.


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