Gladiator Cage Fighting Results


Gladiator Cage Fighting Results July 23rd



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(W) Lamont Stafford 11-5 vs (L) John King 4-4 205lbs

(W) Kyle Driscoll 3-1 vs (L) Teddy Potts 4-12 155 lbs

(W) Kevin Rayford 1-0 vs (L) Jake Blurton 0-3 170lbs


(W) Aryion Young 2-0 vs ( L ) Dale Bean 2-1 155lbs

(W) Victor Gonzales1-2 vs (L) Pedro Ortuno 0-1 125lbs

(W) Austin Conrad 3-7 vs (L) Jarett Krueger 2-2 170lbs

(W) Ashley Ellis 2-0 vs (L) Lakesha Gardner 2-3 women's 135lbs

all records reflect the results of this fight card


Russel Lamons fight was scratched after the rules meeting when it was discovered his opponent DEE BURCHFIELD disappeared immediately following that meeting with out telling anyone of his reason ! this is the second fight in less than a year that he has went MIA after weigh-ins and less than 2 hours before his fight was scheduled !


Kunta Kinte was scheduled to fight Arpan Gurung but failed to show for blood work, after the contract had been signed . Suspended indefinitely ! 


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