Gracie Tampa Fight Night 3 Preview


Gracie Tampa Fight Night 3 Preview


Gracie Tampa Fight Night 3 Preview

Gracie Tampa Fight Night is back with their 3rd installment and they return to the USF Sun Dome on the USF campus in Tampa, FL.

The day gets started first thing tomorrow morning with Art of Grappling USA, a premiere kids grappling tournament that is among the best in professionalism and precision. AoG USA is run by Cris Midget Twister Rodriguez, owner and head instructor of Gracie Pac MMA.

Later that night, Gracie Tampa Fight Night 3 will kick off a night filled with 18 scheduled amateur MMA fights. The full array of Gracie Tampa fighters will be on display against fighters from some of the best schools in Florida. Some of those schools being represented Saturday will be World Class Martial Arts, ATT, Champions MMA, Central FL MMA, and Gracie Barra; among other schools from Florida.

The Gracie Tampa family will be represented by some of its heavy hitting fighters as well as some of its new talent. Terry Janoski and Daniel Matos from Gracie Tampa South will be on the card, as well as Tony Murphy and Casey Rivera from Gracie Tampa West, and also David Craft and Chris Aiken from Gracie Tampa North. Also featured are some of the Gracie Tampa family’s young talents.

The Sun Dome played host to Gracie Tampa Fight Night 1 and the promotions returns there because of the great feedback and great hospitality of the venue. The fights are scheduled to start at 7, with the doors opening at 6 p.m. EST.

The fight card is as follows (subject to change):

170 Tony Murphy (8-8) vs Drake Libby (3-0)

135 Mark Frist (1-0) vs Albert Rivera (1-0)
125 Chris Aikens (4-2) vs Steve Parson (5-1)
170 David Craft (2-1) vs Joshua Timms (3-0)
125 Erik Ruiz (1-1) vs Rodrigo Diaz (1-0)
155 Daniel Garvia (0-1) vs Eric Rivera (0-1)
145 David Rudebush (1-0) vs Ralph Jordan (2-0)
145 Vincent Brown (0-0) vs Tyrone Logan (0-5)
185 Robert Shaw (0-0) vs Jason Timms (1-0)
125 Stevie LoPiccolo (1-2) vs Luis Gongazel (debut)
125 Casey Rivera (4-4) vs Eric Artis (debut)
145/155 Michael Pointon (0-0) vs Matt Colt (0-1)
135 Mike Cancelari (1-0) vs Daniel Childrey (0-0)
160 Eddie Kortright (3-0) vs Jeremy Tulo (1-0)
155 Daniel Matos (4-1) vs Ken James (2-1)
170 Terry Jankowski (8-3) vs Jeremy Hohl (2-2)



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