HAVOC FC 7 Results and Play by Play


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HAVOC FC 7 Results and Play by Play

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Fight 1. Ryan Williams vs. Connor Crebbs

RD1. The night starts with both fighters standing in the middle of the cage. Connor slips and Ryan takes Connors back right away and looks for the RNC and can't sink it in. Ryan moves to mount and is working short punches and now goes to side control and working Connor towards the cage wall. 30 sec left and Ryan has had total control and will wrap up the round on top still. Williams RD1 10-9

RD2. Connor starts round 2 with some kicks but Ryan stay outside the range. Ryan grabs a leg when Connor throws a kick and they are on the mat now. Ryan showing total dominance on the ground and is back to the mount. Ryan looks for an arm triangle and Connor Defends well but Ryan tries a second time and can't get it, so he hops back into mount and look to set up a triangle and switches to an Armbar but the clock hits triple zero to save Connor. Williams RD2 20-18

RD3. We are starting round 3 with Connor getting the takedown and has top control. Ryan close guard and is holding Connor tight to his chest and with no action the ref stands them up. Ryan working the jab and Connor tries to take him back down but Ryan ends up mount and looking to set up a guillotine from mount. Time runs out and I give Williams all three rounds. Williams RD3 30-27 

OFFICIAL RESULT- Williams defeats Crebbs via Unanimous Decision 30-27 (x3)

Fight 2. Jess Elverum vs. Alix Beatty

RD1.  The ladies start off with some striking and clinch up against the cage wall. Jess throwing lots of knees and the dirty boxing from her is making Alix look to tie her up and for some reason the ref separates them. Action starts up again and Jess looks to throw some bombs and Alix get the the fight to the ground but does not have enough time to much but did throw up an Armbar as time runs out. RD1. Elverum 10-9

RD2. The round starts with some striking and they go right in to a clinch and a hip throw from Jess did not go well and it let Alix take top control. Alix is stuck in full guard an looking  to stand back up. Jess makes her pay with striking and some nice clinch work with kness. Jess take control from the clinch so Alix looks to take the fight down. Not to smart as Jess finds the guillotine quickly.

OFFICIAL RESULT- Elverum defeats Beatty via Guillotine RD2 @2:29

Fight 3. Colton Cronkite vs. David Puhky

RD1. Colton looks very calm at the start of this fight. Colton starts with a spinning back fist but it missed and David takes him down. Colton looks to get back up and David slaps in a guillotine and is able to keep his dominant position. BOOM the tap out of nowhere and that is the fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT- Puhky defeats Cronkite via Guillotine RD1 @1:35 

 Fight 4. Blaine Cust vs. Dan Juricic

RD1. The guys take the center and Dan gets tied up and pushed against the cage. Dan reverse it and separates. They start throwing bombs and Blaine starts to get the better of exchange and we have our first bit of blood with Dan bleeding above the eye. Dan starts to find his range now and then Dan take combs to the crazy extreme with some 6 and 7 punch combos. and that does it as the ref steps in to stop the fight.

Official Result Juricic defeats Cust via TKO RD1 @2:24


Fight 5. Chris Chapman vs. Jemark Brady

RD1. Chris starts with a kick and they move around a little. BOOM head kick wobbles Jemark and Chris jumps on his back. Looking for full control and the sub. Chris throws a few knees to loosen up jemark and they go to the ground and it is over RNC for Chris. Kid looks legit.

OFFICIAL RESULT- Chapman defeats Brady vis RNC RD1 @1:46 

Fight 6. Tanner Willshaw vs. Dwayne Mombourquette 

RD1. They slowly feel each other and the Tanner get the clinch and runs Dwayne against the cage and goes down. Dwayne gets the reverse and then bck to the feet and Dwyane starts to blast Tanner with knees until a low blow hits. Ref stops the action. Doc calls they fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT- Willshaw vs Mombourquette RULED NC @1:30

Fight 7. Tim Tamaki vs. Sabah Fadai

RD1. Here we go. Co Main time. Sabah looks in great shape. Tim looks relaxed. The stare down WOW! They meet at the center and tim throw a heavy shot but misses. Tim throwing some power and Sabah clinches up.  Tim turns Sabah to the fence  to stop his knee attack. Sabah grabs a body lock and down Tim goes. Sabah in a quarter guard and taking his time. Tim is flat on his back and Sabah has mount and starts to posture up. Here come the elbows. Tim bolts to his feet from a small opening but Sabah grabs the back and back down goes Tim. Sabah works some GnP. Tim starts to buck and rolls to his side. Sabah has both hooks and looking for the RNC now. Tim goes for Sabah's foot and now he is in deep trouble just over a minute. He spins in to guard and drops a few shot to Sabah. Tim stays on top of Sabah but Sabah rolls and tries for a triangle. Sabah grabs rubber guard to run out the clock. RD1 Sabah 10-9

RD2. Sabah takes the center and Tim throws another bomb but it misses. Sabah work the legs of Tim and Sabah grabs Tim and takes him down. Tim fighting to keep Sabah from controlling him. Tim grabs the kimura and gets the reverse from it. Sabah straight to butterfly and it helps him gets back to top control and passes the guard, in the next scramble Tim ends up with Sabah on his back.  This is  great grappling match. After some scrambling Sabah has top and Tim powers out and goes for a double but Sabah grab control and ends on top in Tim's guard. Ref stands them up? Sabah blast Tim with a kick well he lies on his back. Tim rolls to his knees and then dives for an ankle. Sabah more than ready for it and gets half guard out the exchange. Time runs out. RD2 Sabah 20-18 

RD3. Tim needs a finish in my book. Sabah comes out with center control working a jab.  Sabah nail Tim with an overhand right. Then they clinch and Sabah has Tims back to the cage. Sabah works some knees and Tim ends up on the ground with a trip. Tim throw an up-kick and it brushes Sabah but he dives in anyway and ends up in half guard. Sabah goes for the front choke and the throws an nice nice to the body trying to get Tim to stand up so he can finish the choke. Sabh loses control and step back and now is standing. Tim is take some damage from Sabah and Sabah dives in again and in the scramble takes Tim's back. That is the round. RD3 Sabah 30-27

OFFICIAL RESULT- Fadai defeats Tamaki via Unanimous Decision 30-27(x3)

MAIN EVENT Andrew Buckland vs. Jordan McKay

RD1. Andrew with the great stare down but Jordan blows it off. Looks like Buckland pulls guard? Ok that gives Jordan top control. No real action so Jordan try to stand up Buckland goes for kneebar but it is a not go and Jordan jumps back to guard. Buckland lets Jordan goes to side and he grabs a kimura and the tap comes quick.

OFFICIAL RESULT McKay defeats Buckland via Kimura RD1 @2:09

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