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Derrick Adkins

All Scrap Soldier Sponsored Fighter Derrick Adkins Victorious in Pro Debut Last Saturday was a huge night for All Scrap Soldier sponsored fighter Derrick Adkins, as he started a new chapter in his MMA career claiming his first victory as a professional. This was the first time Adkins was stated on the newly Pro/Am promotion Oklahoma Fighting Championship. The crowd was electrifying and full to capacity as OFC rendered its 4th event at the Chevy Bricktown Event Center. Adkins went up against a very tough opponent Mark Davis, jr. and took almost all of 3 rounds to finish Davis via arm bar @1:39.

I had a chance to catch up with Adkins after his fight and this is what he had to say about his fight.

1) You fought your last amateur fight at Legacy FC 35 which was suppose to be aired on AXS TV in front of millions of fans. Which victory felt the best, your last ammy fight or your first Professional win?

Adkins: My last amateur fight was huge, getting to fight for Legacy FC was a great experience. Unfortunately they did not televise the amateurs but being on that type of stage and production was a big deal and great experience for me. I was still coming into my own that last amateur fight though, I was close to trusting my striking, and all around game but was not there. I also did an amateur kickboxing fight on the GLORY under card when they came to OKC between Legacy and my pro debut, which really pushed me to a new place and out of my comfort zone.

2) Did you feel any pressure coming into this fight?

Adkins: The pro debut for sure felt best, there is a lot of pressure once you step into the pro realm. The pressure of having a loss is really big, and pro debut feels like there is more risk since you haven’t even had a win yet the loss seems like something that could really set my career back.

3) I did get a chance to see your fight last night & you seemed like in the 1st Rd to be a little tight and not very confident. Can you take us thru that 1st Rd & what was your mind set?

Adkins: I felt really confident this fight, everything went well in camp technique and body just felt on point so I really was not nervous at all. Yet my teammate fought right before me, and my other teammate a few before that, so getting hands wrapped and warmed up did not go exactly as planned. I do better after I get my second wind, stuff starts clicking better and I didn’t get a full warm up so yes I was a little off at first. The first round I do not rush in I like to feel out my opponent and see what he is giving me, I don’t really game plan much because I cannot guess what exactly he will give me so I go with what is there. He was a tough guy, southpaw slightly awkward he landed some shots my head movement was not going right so that's when I went to my wrestling roots and took him down. I felt like I could grind him out some at first and get him tired and would help in the later rounds. My conditioning is always really good so I wasn’t worried about going deep into the fight.

4) You came out in the 2nd Rd and you could tell you started to loosen up some and started to find your rhythm and confidence starting to kick in. What was your corner telling you after the 1st Rd?

Adkins: My corner just told me some stuff, like my head kick and movement, that I needed to use more, the small things to clean up. Like I stated earlier I have to get to my second wind, once that happens I start doing things right and just feeling more in the moment less over thinking.

5) When you came out in the 3rd Rd you totally looked like a different fighter than Rd 1 & Rd 2. Did you know at this point you were going to have to finish this fight on the ground and how much more confident did you feel coming out in the 3rd Rd?

Adkins: I had some conditioning issues in my early amateur fights, that to this day makes me mad at myself. So from then on I make sure there is no chance I am going to be tired in a fight, my conditioning is top notch and my heart will not give up. With that being said when I came out to the third round, I had finished the second round strong, close to a TKO finish and I felt great so I was going to take what he gave me but I really felt like I could control the fight and look to finish anywhere it went.

6) When you finally heard the ref stopping the fight due to your submission (ArmBar) How good did it feel to get that 1st Professional win?

Adkins: Oh the finish, I have hit that arm bar countless times in the gym and some in grappling tournaments, it is one of my favorites so when I felt it I knew I had a great chance. Once the ref jumped in I let go of his arm and just stayed on the mat for about 10 seconds, I wasn’t tired, hurt, or anything other than happy and relieved for it to be over and to get the finish. That was my first submission victory in the cage so that was a nice start to the pro division also.

7) How soon will you get back to the gym?

Adkins: I will be back in the gym Monday after my fight most likely, I was actually suppose to be back today to help some teammates get ready for a fight but that ended up being cancelled. I will get back to my strength and conditioning right away my trainer has some great recovery workouts to help me right after the fight, and then Muay Thai on Monday for sure because I feel like I could of done better, I want to get more comfortable striking so I can fight anywhere with anyone Jiu Jitsu. I will also be right back in it since I am set to be in some tournaments and an invitational soon.

Thank you Derrick for taking the time for this interview. I really feel like you have a bright future a head of you and I said that the first time I seen you perform at RITC 29. I look forward to seeing you at your next fight. You take this time and give all the shout outs you want, family, friends, fans, sponsors, etc.

Adkins: I want to thank my sponsors Tel-Star Technologies, Extreme Sports Medics, All American Diner, Charlie’s Sports Bar, Brinlaw Roofing, Linsenmyer Insurance, C&C Alloy, Urbach Law, and of course Scrap Soldier who has taken amazing care of me and become a great friend. Special thanks to my coaches TJ Tomlin and Mike Giroux for getting my technique and everything ready for my fights, and my strength and conditioning coach Luke Tirey at Green Strength he is a genius getting me in top form with physical and nutritional guidance. My family, friends and teammates are amazing support I could not do this without them behind me. Last but certainly the most important my girlfriend Stephanie who deals with all the bad times, and the hectic life fighting brings upon us.

Derrick Adkins American Elite MMA, Edmond, OK 918-645-5162

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