Hunt Can Upset Odds at Fight Night 110


Hunt Can Upset Odds at Fight Night 110


43-year old MMA veteran Mark Hunt is as tough and seasoned as they get. The Samoan blood that courses through his veins makes Hunt the consummate warrior, with a large, imposing frame and a powerful build that strikes fear into almost any opponent. A former K1 world champion kickboxer, Hunt is due to face Derrick Lewis on June 11 at UFC Fight Night 110, eager to prove himself after a chastening defeat at UFC 209 back in March.

Eleven years the senior of Lewis, Hunt is already at a significant disadvantage ahead of a bout that will either break his career once and for all or give it yet another revival. Although his kickboxing record stood at 30-13 upon his transition to MMA, Hunt’s record thereafter gives little cause for encouragement, with 12 wins and 11 defeats to date. He is, however, 7-4 in the UFC, roaring back into credibility and earning the respect of his fighting peers after losing on his UFC debut, to Sean McCorkle, in September 2010.

photo credit ESPN

photo credit ESPN


Side by Side, Neck and Neck

Although the effects of time may hinder Hunt’s self-evident ability in combat, people will do well to remember a very recent case of an older fighter shocking a man seen as a certainty for victory. The man in question was British veteran fighter Michael Bisping, who defied the odds and vanquished Luke Rockhold with a brutal first-round combination of punches at UFC 199 last June.

Hunt can also take heart from the fact that he is currently eighth, and just one place below Lewis, in the UFC’s heavyweight division. This makes betting on the event a difficult prospect, although many bookmakers, as noted in the Sportsbet io Blog, offer various markets for the fight, including the method of victory, which round the contest will end in, and whether or not it will go the distance.

Hunt is renowned for his unrivaled kickboxing ability, and his main aim will be to target Lewis’ kidney area. In timing his kicks well, Hunt will also be able to retain some vital stamina in reserve for the latter stages of the fight. On a more emotive level, the Auckland-born Hunt will be further boosted by the roar of a home crowd.


Auckland Vector Arena by IanRitchie via Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

Shoot to Thrill

Both fighters love to strike from the off, rather than prepare for a long match with a lot of groundwork. UFC 209 defeat aside, 2016 was an encouraging year for Hunt, who won two fights by knockout in what was a display of pure punching power. For his part, Lewis will enter the Octagon looking for his seventh straight win, and approach the fight in an equally bullish mood. His 18-4 record is also an impressive one, in what is an exceptionally competitive heavyweight division at present.

On the evidence of Lewis’ most recent win, over Travis Browne, in which he meted out a destructive flurry of punches for a second round KO, Hunt will need to utilize every millisecond of his vast experience in the Octagon to upset the odds.


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