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Dare Fight Sports (DFS) hereby wishes to inform that DARE, DARE - Nemesis nor Dare Fight Sports Co., Ltd. is not, in any way associated or involved with the production, promotion, organizing or managing the MMA event marketed under a name "Full metal dojo".


Dare Fight Sports and DARE are officially supported by the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) and the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).




For more information about Dare Fight Sports and DARE, please visit and follow us on Twitter @DareFightSports, Instagram @DAREMMA and Facebook at


DARE, the Rockstar of MMA, is not your typical Fight Sports organization. DARE has changed the Game of Asian Mixed Martial Arts and become an International movement with a rapidly growing crowd of Die Hard fans all over the globe.

DARE events are creatively produced and directed like a Hollywood blockbuster, guaranteeing “In your face”, Rough around the edges Fight Sports Entertainment. Expect knockouts, submissions, flying knees, hooks, elbows, chokes, arm bars, some good ole ground n pound and jawbreaking headkicks. No bunkum ladies and gentlemen.

DARE fights are regulated by the Mixed Martial Arts Alliance of Thailand (MMAAT).


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