Josh “The Anaconda” Millwood Travels Rough Road to Pro Debut

Josh Millwood doesn’t know what the easy road looks like. He
has battled tough obstacle after tough obstacle for most of his life.
Millwood had a rough upbringing. Trouble seemed to find him with ease
causing him to move at an early age. He would keep close to sports to help
keep him out of trouble. Sports have always been a big part of his life;
always being involved in sports until problems with drugs caused him to
leave that behind. He was approached by a police officer who suggested he
come into a local MMA gym and give it a shot. Millwood accepted the offer.
Upon arriving there the officer proceeded to put him through a strenuous
workout. The officer left such a big impression on Josh that it prompted
him to return. It set in place a desire to learn more. It was an instant
connection with the sport that he wanted to further develop. He very
quickly decided to seek out the nearest MMA gym to get involved with. This
was Rush MMA, owned by Bubby Mitchell. Rush MMA would become his home and
he and Mitchell would form a bond. Mitchell took Millwood to Alabama for
his first MMA fight. He would fight about eight times throughout Alabama,
while they are not truly recognized due to Alabama’s lack of a sanctioning
body for Amateur MMA. This also caused great weight differences in fights,
almost always having Millwood at a weight disadvantage against his
opponents. He would go on to have a 6-2 record fighting in Alabama.
Following his time there Josh began battling personal issues
that would keep him from the sport. One of these issues was a major knee
surgery. These issues began to pile up and cause him to lose his focus and
desire for the sport. The motivation to keep fighting began to fade.
Roughly a year went by when he and a good friend, Dexter Keith Morris, had
a conversation about his future with MMA. Morris gave him the advice and
encouragement he needed to regain that focus and get back to the sport
which he loved so much. Morris began to act as his manager and go full
force into getting Millwood back on the MMA scene. This is about the time
that Morris connected with Breakthrough MMA out of Daytona, FL and was able
to get Josh his first officially sanctioned amateur fight. This fight would
be a 33 second first round KO for Millwood and would propel his career into
a rapid mode of success. He would quickly become 3-0 before rupturing two
discs in his back which forced him into sever back surgery. Following the
surgery, Millwood was told that he could be permanently paralyzed due to
the injury to his back so he once again left the sport behind. He went to
school to get certified as a personal trainer with the goal of making
himself healthier than ever.

Time passed until one day he went in for a check up to be told
that his back was as strong as ever and he could resume his MMA career.
This was all Josh needed to hear for him to go full force back into MMA and
prepare for his professional debut. He was determined to take a couple more
amateur fights before going pro to make sure he was ready. He took a tough
decision loss and decided to fight once more as an amateur before going
pro. He would win that final fight and leave the amateurs with a 5-1
sanctioned record (11-3 overall). Upon turning pro, Josh was having a hard
time finding an opponent. He had been turned down many times and it wasn’t
until Conflict MMA contacted him that there was some hope. Conflict MMA has
an event taking place on September 27th in Macon Georgia. His opponent,
Aalon Cruz (1-0), fights out of Defiant Warrior/ Team Darkside in Tampa,
FL. It felt like a reward for all his hard work to have the opportunity. He
accepted the fight without hesitation and began preparing immediately.

Josh credits the early fights in Alabama with installing the
passion in him to make it in MMA. His early relationships there are what
have caused him to continue fighting and not giving up when all seemed
lost. His early guidance from Mitchell helped to keep him focused along the
way. He is now fighting out of Veterans MMA in Perry, Georgia. The easy
road has never been an option for Josh. He has fought tooth and nail every
step of the way to get here and he believes that this is just the

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  1. chris massey
    Proud of josh for chasing his dream .hes come long way

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