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KOTC: Provoked Results 



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KOTC: Provoked Fight Card

Tony Lopez vs. Mike Hayes 205 lbs

Tony Lopez defeats Mike Hayes via #UD

Scott Davenport vs. Jimmy Jennett 265 lbs

Jimmy Jennett defeats Scot Davenport via #TKO rd1

Kurt Weinrich vs. Dylan Atkinson 145 lbs

Dylan Atkinson defeats Kurt Weinrich via #ArmTriangle at 2:51 of rd 2

Daniel Elliot vs. Kevin Boehm 145 lbs

Danny Elliott defeats Kevin Boehm via #KO at 3:31 of rd 2

Ryon Harris vs. Justin Zabroski 155 lbs

Justin Zabroski defeats Ryon Harris via #SubmissionToStrikes at 0:15 of rd 2 at 

Shane Sargent vs. Donnie Johnson 145 lbs -

Donnie Johnson defeats Shane Sargent via #RNC at 1:30 of rd 1

Isaac Shelton vs. Justin Mark 145 lbs

Isaac Shelton defeats Justin Mark via #TKO at 0:55 of rd 3 


Tim DeVore vs. Zach Martin 135 lbs

Tim Devore defeats Zach Martin  via #DoctorStoppage #TKO 3:00 rd 1

Nathan Noble vs. Daniel McElhaney 135 lbs

Daniel McElhaney defeats Nathan Noble via #ArmTriangle at 1:31 of Rd 1

KOTC Amateur Women’s 135 lb Championship - Lisa Spangler vs. Sonya Wilson 135 lbs

Lisa #TheStrangler Spangler defeats Sonya Mae Goeshead via #TKO at 0:29 of rd1

Rudy Schaffroth vs. Josh Bonner 265 lbs

Rudy Schaffroth defeats Josh Bonner via #TKO at 1:31 of rd 1

David Alonzo Rios vs. Matt Howard 135 lbs

David Alonso Rios defeats Matt Howard via #BellyDownArmbar at 1:10 of rd 1

**Card subject to change**


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