Legends of MMA Hall of Fame – TM award show from this past Sunday will air this Sunday night.



" This past Sunday marked a historical event in the sport of MMA. The Legends of MMA Hall of Fame had it's first induction award ceremony where some of the best in the business got together to pay homage to those who helped lay the cobblestones down that we walk on today. UFC creator Art Davie, arguably the greatest MMA referee Big John McCarthy, Gracie JJ master Rickson Gracie and UFC's first Welterweight champion and coach of several other world champions Pat Miletich were just some of the brilliant MMA minds we got the honor to hear from at this event. If you'd like to witness this amazing event as a whole and hear the many great stories told by some of the men who helped shape this sport we love today, visit gofightlive.tv this Sunday the 23rd at 6pm EST / 5pm CST and look for the Legends of MMA Hall of Fame"


If you did not make the Legends of MMA Hall of Fame - TM award show this past Sunday.. Here is the link that will air this Sunday night -- http://www.gfl.tv/…/Legends-of-MMA--Hall-of-Fame-Class…/2672



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