Manny Flores: Chasing The Glory


Manny Flores: Chasing The Glory


Chasing The Glory

    18447432_10211303079391594_5289671725404887528_nThe sport of MMA is one of the fastest rising sports in the history of athletics.  The sport has also evolved not only from a stylistic and application standpoint but from one of the least known standpoints of the sport becoming accessible to urban culture.  

     For many years, MMA in America has been thought of as a sport that is dominated by the wrestler hybrid boxer from the suburbs.  Of course that is a generalization of the actual case.  Many insiders know better than to think of such stereotypes.  With fight leagues such as The UFC and Bellator being available to more homes for several years now, newer audiences have been drawn to the sport.

    This is evident when a young man from hardened streets Mount Vernon by the name of Manny Flores randomly watches UFC late at night and almost instantaneously becomes hooked.  It is to the point where he decided to make lifestyle changes and rededicate his life towards not only do better for himself and his family but to ultimately realize his goals to become a champion and one of the greats in this sport.  He is indeed chasing the glory.

      In our last interview, we sat down with Flores before a pivotal matchup on Lou Neglia's Battle of The Millennium card that was live at the Master Theatre in Brooklyn.  Mostly a kickboxing card, he took on short notice opponent, Marcus Chin and did not disappoint.  He represented his Serra-Longo team well as he used his outstanding skills on the ground to lock on an armbar in the 2nd round of the scrap.  With the bout being the solitary with MMA rules, he made it apparent to show his worth as a high level Serra BJJ brown belt.  The art of Jiujitsu was shown on this night.

       Tomorrow night after a very grueling yet productive camp, riding a 4 fight winning streak, Manny "The African Samurai" Flores will step back into the cage against a determined Ivan Taylor representing the Rising Sun Academy.  This bout holds significance of the highest order.  It will be contested for the Dead Serious MMA 200lb light heavyweight championship.  This will be one of three title fights on the card. Flores speaks of chasing the glory and now he will get his shot as glory in what seems to be the first step towards his goals and aspirations in the sport.  We sat down with him to get his thoughts leading into tomorrow night's pivotal clash for the championship. 

20134492_772897218643_1578554171_nDS-MMA Madhouse: Last time we spoke, you were capping off your training camp in preparation of your fight against Marcus Chin.

How did it feel to be the only bout that was showcasing MMA at a renowned kickboxing event?

Manny Flores: It was Exciting, it was exciting.  At a striking event, I really wanted to showcase Grappling there and I did that.  I think I threw like maybe one significant strike standing up and then everything else was on the ground..z submitted him with the armbar.  I showed off the Serra Brown Belt skills...

DS MMAmadhouse:  Now going into that fight during our last interview, you proclaimed that you were going to take your opponent into deep water and you were going to drown him, in your own words.  Did you feel like you accomplished that?  If so why were you able to?  

Manny Flores:  Yeah I knew once I took him to the ground, I was going to take him into very very unfamiliar areas and he was going to panic, which he did, he gave up the arm and I took it home.  Ya know... exactly what I wanted.

DS-MMAMADHOUSE:  Now going into that last interview, you brought it to my attention that there was a short notice opponent change.  Did that affect you preparation at all?

Manny Flores: No, no.. I was going to do that regardless of who it was.  That was the game plan going in there.  It was to take him down, smother him and submit him.  

DS MMAmadhouse: With that being said, are there any remarks you would like to make about your last opponent?

Manny Flores:  Yeah he's a great guy, he stepped in last minute, Shout out to Marcus Chin... without him, I wouldn't have been able to do that.  Thank you brother...

DS MMAMADHOUSE:  Going forward you have a big fight coming up..

Manny Flores:  Yeah man...

DS MMAmadhouse: On the fifteenth of this month, which is basically next week, you will be fighting Ivan Taylor...

Manny Flores: Yes, Ivan Taylor, he's (5w-2L) and he's fights out of Rising Sun Academy...

DS MMAmadhouse: Now from what I understand he's a black belt in Jujitsu...

Manny Flores: Yeah that's my understanding as well, he's a black belt in jiujitsu but ya know, I train with some of the best guys in the world, so I don't think he's going to bring anything I haven't seen already...Obviously he's a black belt, he understands the grappling game and I have to stay on my Ps and Qs... still the same thing, I gotta take him out...

DS MMAMadhouse: Going into this fight, how do you feel about your camp and what are some things you wanted to work on going into a fight of this magnitude?  

Manny Flores:  Just staying sharp all around, I've been working a lot more on my striking.  I'm trying to be more well rounded as a fighter.  I don't have a particular style, I just want to showcase my skills whether it's standing up or on the ground.

DS MMAMADHOUSE: Now I've noticed you've been around the LAWMMA gym training and putting some good work in.  Can you speak to us about your diligence towards working on your striking?  Was there anything you wanted to add to your Arsenal or you're just looking to fine tune things going into your fight?

Manny Flores:  yeah I wanted to fine tune things and yeah, add tricks that these guys (LAWMMA-Serra-Longo Fight Teammates) have in their heads.  You know, pick their brains about things and find out why we do certain things.  I'm always adding more knowledge because knowledge is power.  This right hand... is POWER... haha.

DS MMAmadhouse:  Now in this particular fight, being that you did mention to us earlier that in your previous fight... you wanted to showcase the art of jujitsu in an event that is mostly kickboxing, Are you looking to once again showcase your skills as a Serra Brown Belt or are you just looking to put damage on this guy?

Manny Flores:  Yeah I'm looking to hurt this guy.    I really want to hurt him and I want to take him out, strike him out.  I guess that's the game plan.  If I have to take it to the ground then we go there too bro.  This is what we do.

DS MMAmadhouse:  So basically wherever the fight goes, you're ready and willing to exchange....

Manny Flores: 100 percent.  100 and ten million matter where it goes, I'm comfortable.  

DS MMAMADHOUSE:  Any Remarks regarding you opponent Ivan Taylor?

Manny Flores:  So I mean... (Long Pause) They say you feel a kind of pressure going into a title fight and I don't know if I feel the pressure but I did train a lil harder for it.  

DS MMAmadhouse:  That extra motivation...

Manny Flores: yeah yeah... so Ivan Taylor, from what I've seen, he's this tough dude, a big strong guy but he's also on his way out.  This is supposed to be his last fight so I'm just gonna put the pressure on him and make him want to leave, make him want to quit.  It's his last fight... so he has to go.

DS MMAMADHOUSE: Wowwww, some really strong words from Manny right there...

Manny Flores:  It can go two ways.  Either he can come out really aggressive to try and prove a point, it doesn't matter... I'm going to take him out or he's going to come out tentative and I'm going to take him out.  At the end of the day, he's on his way out and I'm on my way up.  So that's the difference right there.

DS MMAMadhouse:  Well there you have it... Manny Flores will be looking to become the Dead Serious light heavyweight champion in what looks to be heated affair between two strong and talented adversaries.... 

We will recap this fight from Ring Of Combat 24 Amateurs and more from this event going down at iPlay America Amusement Center in Freehold, New Jersey.  Top to bottom it looks to be a great card with three title fights being contested.  Big thanks to Manny Flores for sitting down with us.  


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