Megan Anderson: Gold Coast’s WMMA 145lb Queen?


Megan Anderson: Gold Coast’s WMMA 145lb Queen?



For Megan Anderson, competing in the featherweight division has left this women’s mixed martial artist with very few options, in terms of competition. On May 23rd, 2015, Anderson will plan to have one more fight in her home country of Australia before throwing her name towards the prime organizations across the Pacific.

This is a featherweight bout. My opponent is Helen Malone and her record is 2-3, I think. She normally fights at bantamweight (135lbs), but has agreed to move up and fight heavier, as there isn’t anyone left for me to fight here at my weight.”

Realizing what an impressive win could do for the 25 year old, Megan is keeping a level minded perspective on this next fight, while looking to step back inside an MMA cage and reform her fight camp.

I’m just looking at this fight as another fight”, says Anderson. “Not too excited about it. It’ll be good to get back into the cage though. I’m very excited for an opportunity to compete for a major organization in the United States. All my training and everything I’m doing is all for the big picture. This next fight is just to keep me active and another step closer to my goal.”

While preparing for this fight, Megan will be mixing it up during fight camp with various coaches and training partners across the State of Queensland. Not only will Anderson have her coaching staff at hand, but also a wide variety of athletes to help her prepare for May 23rd, including one of Invicta FC’s very own.

I’ll be fighting out of Empire Martial Arts. My main coach is Ricky Budgen, boxing coach is Chris Carden (Matrix Boxing Gym), Muay Thai coach is Richard Walsh (Urban Fight Gym). I also go down and train under Coach Vincent Perry (Potential Unlimited MMA) a few times a week. I train with a lot of different people. A lot of very skilled local fighters and I do a bit of training with Invicta’s Jessy Jess.”

Although having a brother who played in a contact sport, outside the cage, Megan is the only one in her family to ever perform in mixed martial arts.

I have a younger brother. He doesn’t compete in any sports. He used to be very athletic at school and played rugby union but doesn’t play anymore.”

The difficulties of trying to get Megan’s family, mainly her mother, to understand her passion for the sport without hearing about any worries, dissolved shortly after just a few matches in her young professional career.

At first my mom was a bit upset. She didn’t want my straight nose to get broken.” Anderson jokingly says. “They’re so supportive and help me out with so many things. They just want me to achieve my goals.”

With more and more talent from Australia coming across to North America, the talent pool has certainly proven why Aussies are an elite threat anytime they step inside the cage to fight. Several athletes either showcased on, online televised networks, prime time television and/or even PPV events. As a young athlete from the Gold Coast, Megan has been able to watch the sport evolve in her own backyard, promotions and stars forming from around the continent.

It’s been extremely explosive.” Anderson goes on, “I think with Victoria legalizing the use of the cage was a massive step forward for MMA in Australia. One fighter that really stands out for me at the moment is Jake Matthews. I think he’s very humble and dedicated. He marks himself well and backs it up in the cage.”

With limited opponents at featherweight and currently riding a wave of wins at four in a row, Megan Anderson could technically be declared Gold Coast’s WMMA 145lb Queen with a win on May 23, 2015 XFC Australia.


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