Miles “The Warrior” McDonald “absolutely ecstatic” to be making his Bellator debut

Miles "The Warrior" McDonald will be making his Bellator debut against Dan O'Connor at "Bellator: Unfinished Business" on June 19th at the Scotttrade Center in St.Louis, Missouri.

Miles "The Warrior" McDonald is one of the few fighters that will fight anybody, anywhere, anytime... as long as there's a contract! He has fought the toughest opponents offered to him on the amateur scene and has taken that same mentality into his professional career. "The Warrior" is a great addition to the Shamrock FC and Bellator roster and brings excitement and fast paced action in every single fight. MMAMadhouse caught up with Miles "The Warrior" McDonald to talk about his upcoming fight with Rumbletime promotions and his Bellator debut.

MMAMadhouse: It's been a long journey for you to get to where you are today. How long have you been training and how did you originally get in to the sport?

The Warrior: "I've been doing MMA for about 3 years. I got started in mixed martial arts through my army unit, and never looked back."

MMAMadhouse: You have fought some of the toughest flyweights and strawweights in the Midwest. What has been your favorite fight so far in your career?

The Warrior: "That I have. Honestly I love all the fights I've had. I just love to fight period. I'd fight my mom in the cage if I had too. But my most favorite fight I've had yet would be Zac Thompson, brown belt from west side MMA. It was a fight I wasn't expected to win do to his extensive training. He was thought to be far more experienced then I was at the time."

MMAMadhouse: Before you fight for Bellator you are scheduled to fight Isaac Badger at Rumbletime on May 9th. What do you think about the match up and how does it feel to fight so close to home?

The Warrior: "I'm really excited about this fight! I get to fight at home in front of all my friends and family on a great promotion. The matchup should be fun, Badger is a great opponent and tough kid."

MMAMadhouse: Now lets talk about your Bellator debut. How excited were you when you found out about this opportunity?

The Warrior: "I was absolutely ecstatic man, I was in cloud 9. All my training, blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice had finally paid off. It's been a dream to fight for Bellator for a long time."

MMAMadhouse: You will be facing off with Dan O'Connor (5-4). What do you know about your opponent?

The Warrior: "I don't know much honestly, that's the way I like to keep it. I train for every fight as if I'm fighting the current UFC flyweight champ. My coach and manager Shane gets the gameplan set for me, and makes sure I'm ready to throw down." 

MMAMadhouse:  Do you have any sponsors and since you are fighting on the big stage like Bellator how can companies get in touch with you if they are interested in sponsoring you?

The Warrior: "I have a few but not nearly as much as I would like and need. GruntLife is my main sponsor, and really take care of me! People interested in sponsoring can contact my manager Shane Carpenter at 417-619-1006"

MMAMadhouse: Who is your biggest supporter and who would you like to thank?

The Warrior: "My Mom & Dad, they've always supported me no matter what, always helped me when I needed it. As well Shane, my coach, my manager, also my brother. Shane believed in me and got me where I am today with MMA. I'd like to thank God first and foremost, non of this would be possible without him blessing me with the ability to fight. As well all my friends, family, coaches and teammates. And GruntLife! My main dudes, they hook me up with gear anytime I ask! Go like em on Facebook as well follow my MMA page on Facebook, Miles The Warrior McDonald!"

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