Mitch ‘Murk’ Burke On The Rise


Mitch 'Murk' Burke On The Rise


MMAmadhouse sponsored fighter Mitch Burke


Mitch 'Murk' Burke started his Amateur MMA career in the summer of 2013, Reigning from Pentiction, British Columbia, Burke trains out of the Pacific Top Team Martial Arts Pentiction & just recently earned his 4th stripe White Belt. Burke has competed in three different organizations, Fivestar Fight League, Battlefield Fight League & Unified Combat League. Burke just last month got that mark in the win column coming up victorious at UCL 21 with a 1st Rd submission choke vs a 1-0 Delton Mosley. Since then Burke was selected to compete at UCL: Combat 23, April 18 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The 'Murk' will test his skills & with high hopes of collecting his 2nd win at Battlefield Fight League 35 card, March 28 before heading out to Denmark. Im so intrigued by this story of Mitch 'Murk' Burke how dedicated, hard working & focused he's been during the early part of his amateur career. We (Team MMAMadhouse) are always looking & watching for fighters like Mitch 'Murk' Burke making a run at stardom. I got a chance to pick the brain of Mitch Burke about his career & up coming fight.

Mitch, did you ever have any fighting experience or wrestling before you decided to become a MMA's ?

Before June of 2013 I had absolutely no fighting experience what so ever.”

Tell the fans out their just exactly how you got into MMA?

I got into MMA in the summer of 2013. I remember seeing UFC for the first time a year or 2 before that and thought that it was pretty cool, I didn't really grasp the concept of it back then. About a year later I saw my first live MMA show and thought that I would try it out and haven't looked back since. It really changed my life for the better.”

I dont really look at amateur records wins or loses, To me it only means your learning. You started out wanting to learn MMA fighting & youve come up short your first 4 or 5 fights (0-4-1NC). Ive followed you thru your career and its so obvious you are bound & determined to learn to be the best.. So far what Ive seen its starting to pay off big time. Your level of skills & talent keeps improving. Can you hit on that a little bit?

Yeah as much as I'd love to win every fight, I understand that you win some and you lose some. Amateur is for learning and working out the kinks in your game before going pro. My first fight with Paul I made a lot of mistakes in the striking area which I fixed and applied in my second fight which was ruled a "no contest" due to my opponent not answering the bell into round 2.. I then went on the losing side to a decision with 6'6 Kenny Pope which we actually got fight of the night honors for. 4th and 5th fight I lost by submission to superior grapplers which I took very seriously and started working mainly on my Jiu-Jitsu game.”

UCL 21 Mitch Burke 1st ammy win 1-03-15

You just recently picked up your first win at Unified Combat League 21. Describe the feeling when the ref raised your hand in victory?

Winning my first fight (officially) felt great. All the hard work and dedication really paid off but honestly all I could think of was what was next for me to move forward in the sport.”

Battlefield Fight League

You've got a big fight coming up March 28 at Battlefield FL 35, Do you kno anything about your opponent & how important to you if any is it getting that first win at BFL?

I don't really know anything about my opponent other then he has only one MMA fight in which he lost a 3 round decision. Getting my first win in BFL would mean a lot to me, every fight means a lot to me, I put my heart and soul into every fight camp and every training session. BFL in my opinion is the top promotion in western Canada so a win would mean a lot and get me one step closer to turning pro.”

Mitch Murk Burke

I know you've just recently been picked to compete at Unified Combat League: Combat 23 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Did you ever believe you would get this far in your MMA career? I mean lets be honest, its not everyday a guy or fighter as far as that goes gets to go to Denmark to fight?

Honestly I believe I will make it far in this sport, I have the work ethic, the heart and the will to be the best I can be and I truly believe that the best I can be will be a force to be reckoned with but with that being said I did NOT think it would happen this early but hey, I'll take it!”

If you could pick any city in the world to have a fight and be the main event what city would you like to fight in?

If I could pick any city to fight in as the main event I would definitely pick Las Vegas because that is the fight Capitol of the world and to fight in front of all those people would be amazing!”

Who is your biggest idols in MMA right now?

Donald Cerrone, he is ripping threw some of the best fighters today and making it look easy while drinking beers and being awesome, love that guy. I would say Dejan Kajic, I like his style and his technique is flawless, I look up to those 2 guys.”

Mitch I truly appreciate you taking the time for this interview and I know Team MMAMadhouse will always be in your corner. You take this time and anybody you want to thank & give a shout out to, you go for it!

Anytime! I would like to give a big shoutout to Carl, Skippy, yourself and everyone else at MMAMadhouse for everything you guys do for me, truly appreciate it! Also a big shout out to the family at Pacific Top Team Penticton, without these guys and girls I wouldn't be where I am today! And a shoutout to everyone else who has in anyway helped me (small or big) on my journey thus far! THANK YOU!”

Team Madhouse Mitch Burke

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