Mladen Brestovac after controversial defeat in France: ’I want a rematch in the FFC!’


Mladen Brestovac after controversial defeat in France: ’I want a rematch in the FFC!’



Mladen Brestovac after controversial defeat in France: ’I want a rematch in the FFC!’


After winning the heavyweight belt at Nuit des Champions a year ago, Mladen Brestovac lost the title this weekend in Marseilles. According to the Croatian fighter, the decision was controversial and he is disappointed with the outcome in France demanding a rematch which would clarify all the doubts.


Brestovac is shocked by the decision and he believes he did more than enough to keep the belt. He also claims the referee brought some controversial decisions in the ring that helped the French fighter to make it to the end.


Can you describe the match and can you tell us, in your opinion, what were the most controversial referee's decisions?


“I kicked off mostly with knees and punches, knowing that Aurieng defends himself from knees poorly and I already manage to inflict an eye cut on him in the first round. He had this big cut on the left side of his head and he was bleeding throughout the match. The referee warned me a couple of times that I’m not allowed to hold his head while launching a knee, that I am not allowed to lean on him in the clinch, and funniest of all, that I’m not allowed to move him with my arms while in clinch, despite the fact they told us we would fight in accordance with the K-1 rules that allow one knee and brief clinching.


At the end of the second and in the third round I started to launch a lot of low kicks on his right leg. It landed a lot of times and I could see my opponent is in big pain by the end of the third round. He also started to block as soon as I would come closer to him.


At the beginning of the fourth round I landed a left hook on his chin and he stumbled to the ropes that prevented him from falling and that saved him until he managed to hold onto me. So this referee, instead of counting, decided to halt the match and called the medics to clean his eye cut. Similar thing happened again after I launched left high kick at the end of the round.


In the fifth round I also started to get really tired but I moved forward and attacked first. I don't want to make it sound as if I had some punching bag in front of me and that I was the only one throwing kicks and punches. Aurieng also tried to point with punches and a couple of kick, but I think I was far more aggressive and that I landed more shots throughout the match. I think I was the winner even without those two knockdowns that did not happen in the fourth round. I went into this fight aware of the fact that I must knock Aurieng out if I want to keep the belt because no one there has no benefit from having a champ from Croatia. However, I thought I did more than enough when the last bell rang. Anyhow, I would like to congratulate the French fighter who withstood all my attacks and showed a big heart in the ring. I don't think I ever beat anyone this hard since I felt the pain the next day from all the shots I landed.”


In your opinion, did Aurieng win a single round?


“I would say the first round was a draw. He was better in the second round, but the last three rounds I definitely won.”


What did you opponent say about this decision?


“I don't know. As soon as they proclaimed him the winner I left the ring and went to the locker room. But I saw surprise on his face when he heard he was the winner.”


Would you like to have a rematch with him and will you fight at NDC again?


“Yes, and I hope Mr. Zovko will try to organize this match in the FFC. I will always gladly fight at NDC but only if I'll have a non-French referee when I fight with French fighters. But somehow I doubt they will call me again.”


How did the organizer, Mr. Erick Romeas react?


“I could not catch him after the fight. We got impression they were avoiding us since we barely managed to catch the ride back to the hotel. But even if we talked, it would not change anything.”


In the end, Mladen told us he sustained a couple of shin and knee injuries in the match from his own kicks. He currently has no new matches scheduled but he hopes for a rematch with Aurieng.


Zagreb, November 17, 2015 Nikola Popovi?, Fight Site

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