Ansgar Fighting League is here!!

Ansgar Fighting League 1

Ansgar Fighting League is already here…

Next 10th of May will celebrate the most important Mixed Martial Arts event ever in Southern Europe: AFL 1 BARCELONE. 11 professional international fights, with top fighters of 10 different countries. Finally, at Pabelló Olimpics de la Vall d’Hebron arena, with 3.000 seats capacity. AFL 1 will be broadcasted to more than 190 countries through our website by iPPV.

Highlight fighters like, Abner Lloveras, Tulio Palhares, Eduardo Felipe “Kiko”, Artemij Sitenkhov, Jason Ponet, Ronny Landaeta, Luiz Cado o Pablo “pitbull” Peralta… Awesome MMA Saturday night.

Ansgar Fighting League start out his journey by the most important Southern Europe cities. Showing International MMA events, with the best world fighters, and supporting the best local fighters.The mission of the company is not just promoting MMA events, that is why AFL fighters does not just fight each other for the honour or the glory of the victory, also fight for those who need to be helped. At this time, a percentage of the ticketing and the PPV winnings will be donated to OR Asociacion ( ), foundation fundraising for Sant Joan de Deu Hospital Lab in Research of Childhood Cancer and rare diseases. That is the reason why Ansgar Fighting League makes a call to joint them in the battle against Childhood Cancer and rare diseases. FIGHTING TOGETHER! Find all information (tickets, bout, PPV, etc…) .

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Ansgar Fighting League 1

Ansgar Fighting League 1

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