RUFF Fighter Spotlight: Zhao Yafei







Fighter Spotlight: Zhao Yafei

The RUFF bantamweight division has an emerging new star; a fighter that may not have the most impressive record, but has the potential to be a Chinese MMA Champion. That fighter is Zhao Yafei. Zhao Yafei will be stepping into that RUFF cage on March 29th in Shanghai and will be squaring off against fellow striker Ereno O. Galindez Jr.

Yafei, from Henan Province and recently switched over to MMA from being a high level Sanda practitioner who is known for his powerful strikes. Zhao Yafei holds a 3-3 MMA record and a 1-1 RUFF record. Yafei’s record defiantly is not the best in the division but RUFF’s Match Maker insists you have to look past the numbers on his record. RUFF Match Maker Brandon Resnick explains, “Yafei has fought top fighters since he started in MMA. He has fought guys like Jens Pulver and 2012 Super fight champ Zhang Meixuan and did very well in both of those fights, now he is training with Vaughn Anderson and I know we are going to see a drastic difference”. Resnick continues, “Yafei has made it this far on pure natural ability, it’s going to be interesting to see what he can accomplish with the right training”. Yafei is also coming off of a very impressive 2nd round armbar victory against tough competitor Han Jie.

Yafei is quite familiar with his Filipino opponent at RUFF 12 since Galindez’s has been fighting throughout China with MMA and stand up fights for quite a while. Even with Galindez’s experience Yafei is confident he is going to get his hand raised and make it two in a row. This is going to be a very interesting fight between to experienced strikers looking to rise through the RUFF ranks. This has Fight of the Night written all over it.

Check out Zhao Yafei take on Ereno O. Galindez Jr on March 29 in Shanghai, China.

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 Ruff 12 Fight Card

Ruff 12 Fight Card


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