MMAmadhouse and Rage in the Cage OKC Team Up

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MMAmadhouse is very honored to add Rage in the Cage OKC, to the MMAmadhouse Production Radio Network family. This show will help introduce you to fighters on the RITC cards as well as other news on Oklahoma MMA.  After 29 events RITC has shown the fighters and fans that they are one of the top MMA leagues to test yourself against top competition.


Rage in the Cage is not a new organization claiming we're the best, we've already proven we are. Rage in the Cage, the past, present and future of OK MMA!

Rage in the Cage is an organization with several years experience in the industry, we pride ourselves by staying on the leading edge of Innovative concepts in the way MMA is promoted in this Great State of Oklahoma thus raising the bar for MMA. Help us help this rapidly changing and growing Sport to be where it should be rivaling all other states across this nation.

With Rage in the Cage, you get quality cards, a deep talent roster and owner Mike Crawford, who has shared his talents in Oklahoma's MMA world for more than 13 years. Add to this mix, Rage in the Cage's newest additions: Former News 9's Kimber Shafer as Media Director/Reporter and Former Fox News Videographer Matt Jackson as Videographer and Editor.Sie Palmer, the father of 7 year-old international phenomenon Dylan Sie Palmer, also has joined our team. Dylan is ranked #1 in the nation, two time world Jiu Jitsu Champion, two time national judo champion and 6 time national wrestling champion.

Rage in the Cage has served as the proving ground for dozens of up and coming stars in the MMA world over the years. Rage in the Cage is not a new organization making promises that we're the best, we've already proven we are. Rage in the Cage has had our promoter's license for 13 years with the Oklahoma State Boxing Commission, and approved by Oklahoma State Boxing Commissioner Joe Miller.

Here at Rage in the Cage OKC, we believe Oklahoma will be the Center Staging Ground for the most talented and technical fighters coming from the East and West Coast's to meet in the middle right here in Oklahoma City to determine who has the best Cage Fighting Skills in America!!

With your help, we can make Oklahoma 'The State to Compete in' to determine the best of the best in MMA today.

Kimber Shafer
Director of Media Relations, Rage in the Cage OKC News
-Sie Palmer-
Marketing Director
Rage in the Cage
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