MMAmadhouse: New Beginning


MMAmadhouse: New Beginning 


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MMAmadhouse: New Beginning 

With a decade plus under our belts as the leaders in covering local MMA, we have decided to take the next step in building the future of MMAmadhouse. That step is to sell the company to a select group of very passionate individuals who have shown us they will carry on the name with pride. This group has continually proven they will stay true to our core value of supporting local MMA,  allowing us to continue providing excellent MMA coverage.

11891001_10207335486805692_1521356003290763145_nAbout two years ago my partner in MMAmadhouse, Carl the Madman, decided to step away from the MMA world to focus on his personal life. His new journey lead him in a direction that would not have him crossing paths with the MMA world any longer.

Over the last two years I have given my best effort to keep all the obligations under the MMAmadhouse banner up and running. Slowly I had to make cuts and changes... Closing the streaming service (promotion got to use  it for free), we had to stop running Facebook accounts for fighters, even a few radio shows have had to go by the way side. Every cut was a tough decision to make, but had to be done. As of late there have been times when situations  have not gotten the full attention they needed, and for that I feel like I have let some folks down. I can honestly say at that time I knew MMAmadhouse needed to evolve to keep up or close it's doors for good. I found it hard to pull the trigger and let the company go, but I knew to keep it going MMAmadhouse needed folks who could invest more time and energy in to it than I alone had to give. .

Now looking back it is hard to think that is how I felt, especially when I preach to folks all the time about how fighters, promoters need to evolve. I like to say it is for the advancement of the sport. A sport we all want to see growing and heading to a place that mainstream America can come to accept it as a true sport. That is why I have made the decision to sell off most of the company to a group that will help MMAmadhouse evolve for the benefit of fans, fighters, promoters and the sponsors. I truly tossed and turned about closing the doors and being happy with what we have accomplished. But, I can't bring myself to pull the that trigger knowing what we have created, and what we can do in the future under such a well respected banner. 10441086_856529421065100_4959494236726880094_n

We have traveled the world and made great friendships in every corner. I am blessed to say we have helped bring MMA to countries that have never had legal MMA, helped hundreds and hundreds of fighters get thousands and thousands of dollars worth of gear, helped fighters travel the world and get paid to fight, helped young sports writers get their feet wet, and helped bring fighters and promotions to fans who might of never known about them. In a nut shell WE HAVE SUPPORTED LOCAL MMA LIKE NOBODY! The new owners will do the same and bring you another decade of dominance.

The new owners come from every walk of life but all have roots in the combat sports world. Some of the new owners are Fighters, Matchmakers, Writers, Radio DJ and a Sports Manger. I for one am really excited to see the next phase of the company.

11899914_10207312823279118_4524978501939768264_nI will wrap this up by saying I am truly happy for the company and I now have everything a man could ask for. A beautiful wife, wonderful children, a nice home and a great job. It is time for me to look into the next stage of my life, and it will not be tied to the combat sports world as heavily as the last 30 plus years were. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the fans for all the love and support they have shown MMAmadhouse for over a decade, and I know you will support the next phase of MMAmadhouse too.

#SupportLocalMMA #DecadeOfDominance #FearTheClown 

New Ownership Group

 Carl The Madman will still retain his ownership.


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