MMAmadhouse’s Meet The Fighter: Caleb Ragsdale


MMAmadhouse's Meet The Fighter: Caleb Ragsdale


Meet The Fighter 

image1 (3)Johnathan Ivey's Cage Fighting
Date: August 19, 2017
Location: Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Venue: Mid TN Expo
**Tickets On Sale Now**

Team Madhouse's Joshua Shackleford meets some of the fighter ahead of Johnathan Ivey's Cage Fighting Championships 2

JS Madhouse: It is good to meet you. Would you introduce yourself for the fans with a small bio about who you are, where you are from,your record and any gym you represent.

Caleb Ragsdale: My name is Caleb Ragsdale. I am from Clarksville, TN. I am an undefeated fighter at 4-0 and I fight out of Harris Holt Combat sport and I have trained at SSF for a couple of years.

JS Madhouse:What got you into combat sports?

Caleb Ragsdale: I was always fairly competitive in sports but to be honest I was only average on the athletic scale. Therefore I was never really a local star or anything of that nature. I just didn't see the point in the "games" I always told my parents and family members I would play college ball but deep down I knew I had no fire in my heart for it, and I didn't work hard for it. I always enjoyed watching the UFC fights. I had some things that sparked my motivation to pursue it, but that's a little more personal. I walked into SSF at 21 years old and started training.

JS Madhouse: What do you think is your best attribute in the cage?

Caleb Ragsdale: My best attributes ironically are probably my calmness and composure. Don't get me wrong everything leading up to the fight is nerve-racking. I don't want to let anyone down who bought tickets to support me, nor do I want to under perform. A lot of things go thru my head when I make that walk but when my feet touch the canvas a euphoric feeling overcomes me and I am just so... happy...and that's what life's about right?

JS Madhouse: With so many fighters fighting for different goals what is yours?

Caleb Ragsdale: I don't really have a personal goal to be honest, this is my hobby. It is my release and reset I get to experience a few times a year, kind of like normal people on vacation. I do have an idea to try to spread inspiration across my fans, peers, and family. I want to show people that your dream doesn't necessarily have to have an income I.e. Your dream job. I work 40 hours a week like most people but live out a part of my dream when I train and fight. So my goal is to keep doing that and inspire others to do the same. Whatever their dream may be.

JS Madhouse: With today's combat sports world focused on branding how much time do you work on or think about your brand?

Caleb Ragsdale: I don't really think about my brand that much. If I start getting bigger in the sport I will focus on that more. I would like to transition into motivational speaking one day. I've gotten numerous texts and questions about how I stay motivated and workout at 3 a.m. etc. So it has crossed my mind each time to perhaps write up a couple speeches. But hell what do I know! I'm just gonna shine no matter what I do. So if you want a speaker hit me up!

JS Madhouse: What is the hardest thing to give up during fight camp?

Caleb Ragsdale: The two hardest things I've had to give up is certain foods, especially the closer I get to the fight. Also, time with my beautiful, supportive, loving girlfriend. Don't ask me to rank which one's harder because man sometimes donuts and pizza are better than time with her. Give me both with some Netflix and I'm in heaven.

JS Madhouse: Give the fans some insight on how you see the fight going on Aug 19th at Johnathan Ivey's Cage Fighting Championships 2?

Caleb Ragsdale:  I see victory I always see victory and will continue to see victory in anything I set my mind to for as long as I live. Because if you don't visualize it first you will fail to execute when the time comes. I don't know much about my opponent aside from his picture. So I look forward to it. I see me stopping him in the first round. Most people are always thinking offense "I'm gonna knock him out" "I'm gonna take him down" "I'm gonna choke him out". For me it's different, I think "what am I gonna let this man do to me?" "What can he do to me and how can I stop that." And that is the most relaxing part of my visualization because I know there isn't much I'm gonna let him do to me. I will know once we stare down what kind of fight it's going to be. Once I look into his soul and and sense his intentions I will know what I mentally need to prepare for. I hope it's war and I hope he's ready because Storm coming.


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