MMAmadhouse’s Meet The Fighter: Paul Faye


MMAmadhouse's Meet The Fighter: Paul Faye


Meet The Fighter 

20187669_1495604243792943_569101755_nJohnathan Ivey's Cage Fighting 
Date: August 19, 2017
Location: Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Venue: Mid TN Expo
**Tickets On Sale Now**

Team Madhouse's Joshua Shackleford meets some of the fighter ahead of Johnathan Ivey's Cage Fighting Championships 2

JS Madhouse: It is good to meet you. Would you introduce yourself for the fans with a small bio about who you are, where you are from,your record and any gym you represent.

Paul Faye:  I'm Paul Faye.I'm from Clarksville Tn. I'm 22 years old and my record is 0/0 this will be my first cage fight and I'm representing Harris Holt

JS Madhouse:What got you into combat sports?

Paul Faye: Growing up I always wanted to fight in the cage and everyone told me to let that dream go that it would never happen that I was to fat and slow so I made it a goal of mine to train hard and reach my goal.

JS Madhouse: What do you think will be your best attribute in the cage?

Paul Faye: This will be my first fight but I've been working on my speed and ability to dodge.

JS Madhouse: With so many fighters fighting for different goals what is yours?

Paul Faye: My goal is to go in the cage and put on a great show and to come out with the win.

JS Madhouse: With today's combat sports world focused on branding how much time do you work on or think about your brand?

Paul Faye: I spend a lot of time making sure I drink and eat healthy so I can better myself while i train in the dojo.

JS Madhouse: What is the hardest thing to give up during fight camp?

Paul Faye: The hardest thing to give up is time with my family that I spend training and working hard to achieve my goals.

JS Madhouse: Give the fans some insight on how you see the fight going on Aug 19th at Johnathan Ivey's Cage Fighting Championships 2?

Paul Faye: I feel i will go in ready and Mike and I will put on a great show. I'm going to make sure I give it all I have in the cage to come out with my hand held high for the win.

JS Madhouse: Please take some time for yourself to give any shout outs or show love to anybody you need to.

Paul Faye: I wanna thank my mom,dad and family for not giving up on me. I wanna thanks my future wife for pushing me so hard to train and wanna thank the Harris Holt family for training me so well and Thanks to Johnathan Ivey for letting me be in his show.

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