MMAmadhouse’s Meet The Fighter: Tim Johnson


MMAmadhouse's Meet The Fighter: Tim Johnson


Meet The Fighter 

20206114_1495608057125895_365008283_nJohnathan Ivey's Cage Fighting 
Date: August 19, 2017
Location: Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Venue: Mid TN Expo
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Team Madhouse's Joshua Shackleford meets some of the fighter ahead of Johnathan Ivey's Cage Fighting Championships 2

JS Madhouse: It is good to meet you. Would you introduce yourself for the fans with a small bio about who you are, where you are from,your record and any gym you represent.

Tim Johnson: Tim Johnson. I'm from a small town way out in the sticks called Grundy County. I'm 0-7 as an ammy fighter. I represent Death Row MMA.

JS Madhouse:What got you into combat sports?

Tim Johnson: I was 14 and a freshman in high school. I quit playing sports in school and picked this sport up!

JS Madhouse: What do you think is your best attribute in the cage?

received_1363258307077485Tim Johnson: I come full force and I dont back down from anyone

JS Madhouse: With so many fighters fighting for different goals what is yours?

Tim Johnson: To leave everything inside the cage when I exit

JS Madhouse: With today's combat sports world focused on branding how much time do you work on or think about your brand?

Tim Johnson: I make sure everyone knows what is going on!

JS Madhouse: What is the hardest thing to give up during fight camp?

Tim Johnson: Food. Most definitely for a fat guy!

JS Madhouse: Give the fans some insight on how you see the fight going on Aug 19th at Johnathan Ivey's Cage Fighting Championships 2?

Tim Johnson: Michael Frye better be ready. I'm not Jimmy Dean. I'm coming son!

JS Madhouse: Please take some time for yourself to give any shout outs or show love to anybody you need to.

Tim Johnson: I'd just like to thank my mom and step-dad. I may not be the best son in the world but they are always there and push me to be better!

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