“Mr. Wonderful is Cody Stamann”



"Mr. Wonderful is Cody Stamann"

Cody Stamann, Michigan Top Team member and Part-Owner, has an impressive 8-1 professional mixed martial arts record; however, the Dearborn, Michigan athlete says he, more or less, fell into the sport MMA under some uncommon circumstances. The 24 year old has accumulated quite the accomplished career, with likely a long successful road ahead of him.

With a background in wrestling and boxing which has now led him into the sport of MMA, we catch up with “Mr. Wonderful”, and learn just a little more up and coming mixed martial artist.


MMAMadhouse: Cody, when and why did you decide to take on the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA)?

Cody: “My start in martial arts was certainly an uncommon one. I guess you could say it started with a fight that lead to my dismissal from my high school wrestling team.  I then took my competitive nature to boxing. Won a golden gloves state title my first competition but it wasn't enough. When, my mom of all people, saw an ad for a Mma gym she bought me a membership as a gift. 5 years later I was 19-1 as an amateur and 8-1 as a profesional.”

MMAMadhouse: Currently training out of Michigan Top Team, can you describe how you ended up there full time, and also not only do you just train there you also co own the gym as well. What is the story behind this, and the background with your partner?

 Cody: ‘Michigan Top Team was an effort to get all Michigan's best MMA fighters in one place. Daron Cruickshank, Jason Fischer, and I all trained at numerous gyms together and decided we needed a home, traveling was getting exhausting. So we formed Michigan Top Team not knowing that it would grow to be the largest MMA gym in Michigan in only a year.”

MMAMadhouse: On top of your friend, training partner and business partner Daron Cruickshank, who else do you train with regularly, being team mates and or coaches. Also how would you describe the atmosphere in the gym not only during practice but the first step in, and the feeling you have taking the first step out each and every day?

Cody: I have a ton of great coaches and training partners at Mtt. My coaches include; Kara Ro Boxing, Dean Cruickshank Kickboxing, Deno Leon Muay Thai, Matt Steintrager Wrestling, and my Jiu Jitsu at Detroit BJJ. There are too many training partners to name but these guys are some of my best friends. We have a very 'family like' environment at MTT which makes the stress of being a fighter a lot easier to handle.”

MMAMadhouse: Your last fight, you improved to 8-1, not only showing that you are ready for the next step in competition, but you also showed heart and determination fighting through an injury that developed in the very first round. Is this the first time that has occurred in your career and you still walked away with the “W”, how did that feel?

Cody: It was rough but was not the first time I've dealt with an injury in a fight. I tore my mcl in one of my early fights and that was much worst but this isn't “Barbies”. I'm a fighter and to call myself that, I have to be prepared to fight through anything that happens inside the cage.”

MMAMadhouse: With only one defeat on your already impressive career, where do you see your next step being placed and what are your goals for 2015?

Cody:I have yet to lose as a pro fighter. My one "loss" as a fighter should have been my eighth win. Anyone who watches would agree.  So in my mind I'm 9-0 and ready to step onto MMA's biggest stages and make a name for myself by taking out some of the best fighters in the world.” 

MMAMadhouse: How can we find you on social media? Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc..?

Cody: “All Codystamann.”

@CodyStamann via twitter, follow and support this young athlete out of Michigan Top Team. 

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