NP FIGHT 4 Fight Card


 NP FIGHT 4 Fight Card





Gymnasium Campinas

Goiânia - Goiás , Brasil

 The entity NP FIGHT discloses the card for the fourth edition of the event with date scheduled for this Saturday, June 11th in Goiânia - Goiás , Brasil. The event will be held in the traditional gymnasium Campinas in Goiânia, the organization promises a great structure for this fourth edition.


This time, the organization will bring no less than three title fights among athletes, Raniere Silva (CT Raniere Silva) vs. Carlos "Crocodile" (CT Acala) - 61 kg, Romulo Rocha (Team Nogueira Goiânia) vs. Carlos Henrique "Alemãzinho" (BTT Anapolis) - 57 kg and in the main event, where the dispute and 70 kg category will be between  fighters Kaik Brito (Black Thai) vs. Renato Geovane (Morganti Ju-Jitsu), in total the event will have 15 fights MMA Professionals.


Check out the card NP FIGHT so far 

Kaik Brito  vs.  Renato Geovane 
Raniere Silva  vs.  Carlos Crocodilo 
Romulo Rocha  vs.  Carlos "Alemãozinho" 
Adriano Gonçalves  vs.  Elismar Carrasco 
Jefferson Santos  vs.  Vinicius Boneco 
Raul Fernandes  vs.  Dyego Fernandes 
Salvador Amaral  vs.  Danilo Noronha 
Gleidson Arley  vs.  Wendell Alves 
Jefferson Monge  vs.  Ulisses das Neves
Leonardo Ivo  vs.  Wellinton Mourão
David Rodrigues  vs.  Helio Pezinho
Marlon Kazimirski  vs.  Matheus Pelezinho
Luis Miguel Peres  vs.  Marcelo Moura Garcia
Piter Guedes  vs.  Gilcimar de Jesus
Glaiston da Silva  vs.  Lucas Almeidinha 



By : Fábio Shon


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