When Opportunity Knocks, Gaston Reyno Answers

When Opportunity Knocks, Gaston Reyno Answers

Titan Fighting Championship will host its 28th event this coming Friday, May 16 in Newkirk Oklahoma. This will be the second Titan FC card to be televised on CBS Sports Network. A vast amount of exciting fighters will be competing for the promotion including the likes of D.J. Linderman, Brock Jardine, Dave Herman and Jason Brilz. But there’s also another name that should be considered on that list, Gaston Reyno. Reyno is a skilled fighter coming off of a very successful amateur career. A native of Uruguay with a diverse background in martial arts, he looks to turn some heads in his pro debut for Titan FC. The skies the limit for this young prospect of the sport and Friday will show just what we can expect from him in the future. Reyno takes on David Nelson who holds a record of 1-1. The fight will serve as one of several prelims that can be seen on CBSSports.com .


Tell us a little about your background and what got you started with martial arts.

I started martial arts when I was 7 in 1994 with Tae Kwon Do. Then when I was 16 I moved to kickboxing. At 17 I had my first fight in Muay Thai and then I moved to Jiu Jitsu. About one and a half years ago I came for a couple of weeks to train with the Grindhouse (MMA) team in Missouri and I fell in love with the team, their like family. From there I went 100% MMA.

You’ve had an extremely successful amateur career, what would you say has allowed you to get off to such a great start?

I think that more than the results, I have a lot of success when I train. You can be 15-0, you can be 20-0 but if you don’t have the correct team you will always be an amateur fighter. (But) my goal is to not just be the best one on my team but to be the best one in the world. I don’t care so much about the record, sometimes I see guys who are like 34-0 and people say ‘wow’ but they are really not that very good. For me the best thing is being with a good team and getting better every day.

Now what’s it like being able to surround yourself with such great fighters?

For me it only makes sense. They’re not only great fighters but also great people. I work with too many different teams all around the world; I worked in Scotland, China, Uruguay, France… when you have such a high level of fighters they usually do not care about the new guy. But that doesn’t happen here (Grindhouse MMA), every person is important. Even the guys that don’t fight and just want to lose weight, everybody is the same when practicing martial arts. That’s the great thing about it.

What’s it like for you to be fighting in and around Kansas City, a place that has produced some tough, well known fighters as of recent?

It is great. I love it very much. I haven’t been here very long but I can see that this area lives and breathes MMA. There’s events every single weekend and I’m also excited to go to Oklahoma (where Gaston is making his Titan FC debut), I’ve never been there.

What was your initial reaction after signing with Titan Fighting Championship?

Well first off I was born ready. Signing with Titan or any other organization is not a big deal to me. If in 3 fights I sign with the UFC I promise that would not be a big deal to me either. I use every single day to try and get better. I try to be better than the last day. If I fight in Titan good, if I fight in the UFC good but it is the same to me. Now when I say that it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the opportunity in front of me. I saw Titan FC before when I was coaching the last time in Kansas City and I was in love with the place that hosted the event and the people in the crowd and I said ‘I really hope one day I can fight here’. That was 2 months ago and now I’m going to fight, I’m super excited.

When it comes to your past fights you have had a killer instinct, what will it take for you to keep that going at Titan Fighting Championship 28?

It’s my life. I’ve fought this way all of my life. To even have the opportunity to fight is a dream, I couldn’t even speak English when I first got here and now I’m in this situation. This guy (David Nelson) is going to try and take my dream, I would never, never let him do that. This is my dream and I want to keep it alive.

You’re taking on David Nelson, have you created a specific game plan or are you the type of fighter to react as the fight goes?

I follow everything that my corner says. They know a lot about this guy and they made the game plan so I will do exactly what they want. At the same time this is a huge opportunity for me so I personally want a TKO and I will definitely look for that in the fight

What is your final message for your opponent before the cage doors lock and you settle things on May 16?

Thank you for the opportunity, without him I wouldn’t have a fight so I thank him for taking the fight. I will try to take him out as soon as the bell rings and then afterwards we can be friends.

Photo credit  http://www.taringa.net/

Photo credit http://www.taringa.net/

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