@Petetorious’ “MMA PRECAP”: Cagesport 45 – Julian Erosa Vs. Justin Harrington 2


@Petetorious’ "MMA PRECAP": Cagesport 45 - Julian Erosa Vs. Justin Harrington 2


"MMA PRECAP": Cagesport 45 - Julian Erosa Vs. Justin Harrington 2

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Many have considered this fight said and done when fight fans see Erosa and Harrington's last scrap went only to the first round. But to count out Justin Harrington in this 2nd contest, is a very foolish move. Especially if you didn't see the fight live.

The first fight, these decorated top-tier pros had was an amazing bout to see live. If you look at the fact that Erosa won in the first round, you wouldn’t understand why this would be a good rematch, and honestly i get it. But seeing it live from start to finish, it was amazing. It was a fight i could see over and over. I wouldn’t flinch an MMA fandom muscle if they fought 10 more times. Harrington and Erosa are two fighters who always surprise you with how they get the “W”.

My prediction for this last fight was a bloody war decision going to Julian Erosa. Erosa did of course win, but to get that win he truly endured a storm that Harrington put on him from every aspect of the MMA game. Every shot of Harrington’s was relentless and aggressive, while being versatile with his strikes. Harrington put it all on the line standing and trading, then took the fight to the ground twice where Erosa REALLY showed us how polished he has become since his return from the UFC. Erosa did subsequently submit Harrington with a triangle choke in the first round, but I look forward to this rematch knowing the outcome of the fight has definitely changed. There isn’t a thing you can take away from Julian on how shape and technical he looked that night, but the caliber of fighter in Justin Harrington wasn’t fully present as stated in an interview with HalquistProductions, saying that he had a 7 month break before his training camp. This main event fight has the same hype as the last bout along with both fighters now at their peak condition, ready to make history. Also let it be known that both of these fighters are ascending to into MMA stardom, ready to fight on the global stage. Not until they get into a UFC or Bellator global type of promotion will people look back on these two bouts and realize that they witnessed (or missed out on) a classic fight of the ages. Until then, i’m looking forward to Cagesport 45 getting some national attention after this action packed card. Whoever you decide to root for in this main event clash, it won't be the result you expect.


Fighters to look out for on the undercard:

Fay Bursell:

Along with having a unique name, Fay brings a very unique stand up game to his welterweight opponents. Coming off a brutal loss from highly touted Joey Pierotti, Bursell bounced back to get a TKO victory in the 2nd round over up and comer Jonathan Gover. He really surprised me at how he slowly picked apart Gover those two rounds. Very technical, staying out of danger while landing strikes of his own. Fay came in with a game plan and didn’t lose sight of when he got in tricky positions. If he brings that same game plan Saturday, it won’t be long before he becomes a title contender.


Sean Gee:
Very active in the HalquistProductions promotion fighting in both CageSport MMA and Battle At The Boat, the reasons to check him out are very self-evident. But coming off of a loss to “The Psychic Assassin” Anthony Zender, Sean Gee is an exciting fighter who’s been moving up the rankings...in both sports (kind of a big deal). He’s hungrier than ever knowing he is in the mix in the Cagesport Bantamweight division. Brawling on the feet in boxing and submitting opponents on the ground, Sean Gee is a package of excitement that will be bringing a scrap on all levels.


Joey Elzea:

I first discovered Joey Elzea at WSOF (World Series Of Fighting) 32 where he was the first fight of the night against another local fighter Marcos Lopez. I’m thinking in my head of how nervous both fighters must feel being first fight of the night on a very big stage. A prelim card that was being streamed on NBCSN....big. Elzea was composed and game from his walkout to the stare-down. I realized at this point that i need to pay close attention to this fight. And sure enough the speedy bantamweight was explosive while being quick to get out of danger. Winning by Armlock in the 2nd round, Joey Elzea got a personal congratulations from WSOF President Ray Sefo and a big bump in the rankings of the bantamweight division. Word of advice for attendees Saturday night, make sure you don’t miss this fight.

Fight Photos courtesy of Gavin Powers Photograhy & Matt Ferris/NW Fightscene

- Written by Peter Artman (@Petetorious)


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