PRVT Girls in the fight against breast cancer in October Rose


PRVT Girls in the fight against breast cancer in October Rose





PRVT Girls in the fight against breast cancer in October Rose


Press Office: PRVT - Paraná Vale Tudo

Credit of photos:  Press Release / PRVT

The fight is not only inside the Octagon, but also out of it. And of course the team's athletes Paraná Vale Tudo (PRVT) could not get out of this campaign, which had a worldwide membership, the "Pink October".

prvtgirls_outubrorosa-5The "Pink October" is a social action awareness that annually brings the look for the disease that kills and maims women around the world, which is breast cancer. The initiative is to promote the importance of early diagnosis.

Under the testimony of PRVT girls who participated in the photo shoot and support the project "Pink October".

Jessica "slam" Andrade - Participating in this campaign was great. Great initiative for us women who fight by profession. All we have to go also in this struggle for life, then all prvt girls embrace this cause.

Priscila Pedrita - It's always great to practice social actions like this and be able to contribute to this disease that kills women all over the world. So it is important that awareness of action, because we women, we can not let breast cancer win.

prvtgirls_outubrorosa-4Natalie Wippel - When the fight is for the health and life, we must give ourselves. And in PRVT wear the shirt of the campaigns that have this view. And that aimed at women's health, the greatest women's MMA team in the country could not be left out, all PRVT girls are in the fight against breast cancer.

Jamila Sandora - The fight against breast cancer need to start prevention with the intention to mobilize all women to prevention, which is clearly saving lives! So do not forget to take the exam and protect yourself this terrible disease that strikes many women.


About PRVT:
The PRVT Team - Paraná Vale Tudo was inaugurated on the night of May 24, 2005 at the "Fight Club" in Salvador - BA. Tonight the PRVT team had to first fight the founder himself, Master Gilliard Paraná, who beat his opponent Oswaldo Hulk, at the time one of the most feared in Salvador with three fights and all with victory in just 1:30 seconds with a kimura, thus making the debut of the team a success.

The school of martial arts came to make a difference and show a serious work and respect in MMA. With teachers and high quality coaches, the PRVT enables students to compete in championships and get self-defense, with events happening all the time in almost all the national territory, PRVT has discovered many talents, leading the school to the top of the arts academies martial. With ample space and high quality equipment, offer excellent training in the modalities, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Judo, MMA (MMA), Wrestling and Wrestling.


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