Rage in the Cage 34 FIGHT RESULTS



Rage in the Cage 34 FIGHT RESULTS

Fri. Jan., 16, 2015
OKC Farmers Public Market

Bout #12
Jason Anderson (Norman, OK/13-36) wins by DQ (Illegal Knee to Face) vs.Jeremy Jones (OKC, OK/6-2-0)
Weight: 185

Bout #11
Ben Scrapplin Cothran (Vernon, TX/Debut) wins by TO (Triangle Choke & Armbar) Rd. 1, 3:37 vs. Kidd Gomez (Noble, OK/1-0-0)

Bout #10
Diego Alfonso Pichilingue (OKC, OK/1-0-0) wins by TKO, Rd. 1, 1:58 vs Cody Luke Cody Anderson (Norman, OK/Debut)
Weight: 145

Bout #9
Jinnie Pratt (Norman, OK/Debut) wins by TKO, Rd. 2, :53 vs. Katie Wade(OKC, OK/Debut)
Weight: 135

Bout #8
Ken Coulter (OKC, OK/6-1-0) wins, Split Decision vs. Austin Kyle Conrad(OKC, OK/1-3-0)

Bout #7
Teagan Dooley (OKC, OK/Debut) wins by TKO, Rd. 3, 1:36 vs. Jayson Dedmon (Yukon, OK/Debut)

Bout #6
Frederick W. Gunner (OKC, OK/1-0-0) wins by TKO, Rd. 1, :50 vs. Johnny Rivas (Frederick, OK/Debut)
Weight: HVY

Bout #5
Ronson Calfy (Edmond, OK/Debut) wins TO due to strikes Rd. 1, 1:42 vs.Marshall Cochrum (Granbury,TX/1-4-0)

Bout #4
Nathan Trepagnier (Norman, OK/3-3-0) wins Rd. 3, 2:08 by TKO vs. Austin Miller(Norman, OK/Debut)

Bout #3
Jarett Krueger (Jones, OK/1-1-0) wins via TO (Triangle choke), Rd. 1, 2:50 vs. Glen West (Waleetka, OK/0-2-0)

Bout #2
Kendall Carnahan (Duncan, OK/Debut) wins by TO rd. 1, 2:33 vs. Auney Nta Castañeda (Frederick, OK/1-2-0) Weight:155

Bout #1
Lloyd D Wright Sr. (OKC, OK/0-2-0) wins by Unanimous Decision vs. Dalen Brock Thomas (Waleetka, OK/Debut)
Weight: 140

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