Rage in the Cage 43 Fight Results


Rage in the Cage 43 Fight Results 



Rage in the Cage 43 Fight Results
OKC Farmers Public Market

Results provided by Kimber Schafer 

Joe Espinal wins by TKO 2:57 in Rd. 1 vs Marshall Cochrum

Vy Cao wins by UD vs Ethan Charles

AJ Nichols wins by TKO (ref stoppage) 1:47 in Rd. 2 vs Trace McBay

Blaine Jones wins by TKO :41 in Rd. 1 vs Chase Wampler

Brandon Wright wins 1:15 in Rd. 1 by TO via RNC vs. Kirk Wiggins

(Title Fight) Nathan Trepagnier wins by TO via armbar :57 in Rd. 3 vs Arandis Jones

Pro Fights:

Chibi Onyenegecha wins by TKO :53 in Rd1 vs. Kris Rentry

Braden Smith wins by TKO 1:01 in Rd. 1 vs Jake Blurton

Christian Camp wins by UD vs Edwin Williams

JR Coughran wins by UD vs Ken Coulter


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