Rage in the Cage OKC 45 Results


Rage in the Cage OKC 45 Results



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Rage in the Cage 45 Fight Results

Bout 1
Richard Lasher wins by TO due to strikes 1:36 in Rd. 1 vs. Ryan Kelly

Bout 2
Stephanie Geltmacher wins by UD vs. Melissa Stringer

Bout 3
Jessica Sotack wins by TKO, :37 in Rd. 1 vs. Sabrina Talton

Bout 4 (170 Ammy Title)
Brandon Wright wins by TO via Reverse RNC 2:34 in Rd. 2 vs. Donald Woodall

Bout 5
Aaron McKenzie wins by TKO 4:44 in Rd. 2 vs Diego Pichilingue

Bout 6
Wade Smittle wins by TO via Triangle Choke 1:17 in Rd. 1 vs. Marvin Babe

Bout 7
Ken Coulter wins by TKO 4:25 in Rd. 1 vs. Edwin Williams

Bout 8 (Pro 170 title)
Tyrone Paige wins 2:29 in Rd. 1 via RNC vs. David Roberts

Bout 9 (Pro 135 Title)
Kendall Carnahan wins 2:47 in Rd. 1 by TKO vs. Arturo Espinoza

Bout 10 (Pro 155 Title)
Jose Martinez wins by Split Decision vs. Manny Muro

Bout 11
Jon Hill wins by TKO 3:38 in Rd. 1 vs. Kevin Sears


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