RFO Big Guns 13 Recap

RFO Big Guns 13 Recap

            Revelation Fight Organization made its way back to the Richland County Fairgrounds this past Saturday for RFO Big Guns 13. The fight card opened with nine amateur fights and ended with three professional ones, all of which were pretty evenly matched. It was later revealed that this was one of the first RFO events to use a matchmaker for the fights. For every dull fight there was another fight with a spectacular finish that followed, leading to an average event from a spectator’s point of view. But with any event there were a few standout fighters that got the crowd going. Those included the likes of amateur fighters Kyle Cremeans and Tyler Feller, as well as professionals J.P. Jaranowski and Dennis Brown.


Tyler Feller vs Derek Lawrence

A fast paced amateur fight that took place in the bantamweight division saw Tyler Feller get the better of his opponent in the striking department. This led to a big takedown by Feller with an awkward landing by Lawrence. The extra strikes weren’t needed due to the fact that Lawrence was already out of it. Feller won his debut via KO at 2:23 of round 1.

Kyle Cremeans vs Dan Guillims

Dan Guillims put his undefeated amateur record on the line against fellow light heavyweight slugger Kyle Cremeans. The first round was dominated by Guillims with strikes in the clinch and a big takedown. What happened in the second round brought the entire crowd to their feet. Cremeans continuously landed huge strikes at the beginning of the round in route to a second round KO at :16.

J.D. Ramsey vs Nick Stuff

The main event for the amateurs saw two heavyweights go at it. Stuff, a fan favorite, was no match for the consistent takedowns and ground control of Ramsey who clearly had a wrestling background. The fight went to the judges in a clear decision for Ramsey.

Jeremy Pender vs Raymond Yanez

The professional portion of the fight card kicked off in the bantamweight division. Not exactly a fight you want to start off on, both fighters seemed to want to counter strike. The only successful form of striking in this fight came from Pender and his heavy leg kicks. Yanez finally had enough half way through the second round and landed a takedown in the middle of the cage. A few seconds later Pender sunk in a deep triangle to finish things off. The submission came at 3:10 of round 2.

J.P. Jaranowski vs Wes Lane

One of the most exciting fights of the night took place in the featherweight division. The two professionals tried to use every aspect of MMA including clinches, takedowns and striking. Heading into the third they were tied a round a piece. J.P. clearly had the better gas tank as the fight went on. Finally J.P. managed to secure a triangle following a takedown by Lane. The submission came at 1:36 of round 3.

Jordan Gonzales vs Dennis Brown

Chances are if you blinked you missed out on the main event. The two flyweights came out fast as predicted by president of the RFO Matt Trukovich before the fight. Dennis Brown appeared to be on another level as he rushed forward and lit up Gonzales with strikes to the body and head. It almost looked like a reenactment of Wanderlei vs Belfort. Brown earned the TKO finish at 2:14 of round 1.

RFO: Big Guns 13

RFO: Big Guns 13

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