Road to Glory 7 Recap

Saturday July 19, 2014 was the day that marked the first ever MMA event taking place in an Ohio casino. Gladiators of the Cage: Road to Glory 7 took place at the Hard Rock Rocksino in Northfield Park Ohio. Though the event was historical for the sport in Ohio, the high number of fans in attendance was lacking. The fans that did show up were loud and excited about each and every fight. Road to Glory 7 was also streamed online.


The fight card hosted seven amateur fights and three professional ones. Each fight saw one fighter represent Pittsburgh and the other Cleveland. In the end the two cities evened out at 5-5. Of those fights, two titles were on the line, one amateur and one professional.

Josh Rohler vs Chris Teague

Deciding which fight was fight of the night wasn’t too hard after these two amateur lightweights stepped in the cage. While it was obvious that Rohler held an advantage in the wrestling department, both fighters proved to those watching that they could each stand and trade. In the end Rohler did just enough to squeak out a split decision win.

Aaron Jeffery vs Dann Cucuta

The final amateur fight saw Cucuta attempt to defend his middleweight belt. Jeffrey, who made the long journey down from Canada, dominated every single round other than the first by utilizing the clench and take downs. The entire third round took place entirely up against the cage in favor of Jeffrey. The Canadian won by unanimous decision and claimed the GOTC belt.

Jordan Espinosa vs Jeremy Pender

This is not how you want to kick off your professional card. The two bantamweights danced around the cage for most of the fight. Espinosa showed brief moments of excitement with jabs and a few big takedowns, but just seemed to be fighting a safe fight. Espinosa took home a unanimous decision victory.

Rocky Edwards vs Zac Gobel

One of the most highly anticipated fights of the night had two talented fighters battling it out for the welterweight belt. Edwards appeared to follow his game plan perfectly by taking Gobel down early. Things only got worse for Gobel as Edwards sunk in a deep arm triangle moments after the take down. The tap came at just :50 of round one.

Dom Steele vs Jose Figueroa

The main event featured two welterweight veterans of the sport slugging it out. Even though both fighters landed with several shots early on, it was Figueroa who repeatedly landed significant strike after significant strike. After Steele was knocked off balance by a big head kick and brutal follow up punches the ref jumped in to stop the fight. Figueroa won by TKO at 2:56 of round one.

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