Rousey losing was the best thing for Women’s MMA (…in the long run)


Rousey losing was the best thing for Women’s MMA ( the long run)


Rousey in 2012

Rousey in 2012

Rousey losing was the best thing for Women’s MMA ( the long run):

The first thing i thought about when Ronda Rousey got dethroned was “wow, the only person people know and watch in the women’s division just lost, who do they market now?”, and the answer now is everyone. The UFC’s golden statue took a beating and well...UFC never finds that marketable for promotion. Fortunately for the UFC and all of Women’s MMA, there now is a huge opportunity for the women’s division to expand and become more marketable. If we look back in the history of MMA, champions that have lost a title created a ripple effect of newfound excitement in their division after that loss.

 Take for example when Anderson Silva was in his prime. When he ruled the middleweight division, everyone said there is no competition in that weight class because Anderson had run through most of them. It never was ruled that the middleweight division was full of mid-tier fighters, just that the champ that gone through the division so nobody stuck out as a prominent test to Anderson. But once he lost, the flood gates opened in MMA media with all new discussion of who will be the next middleweight champion and what matchups need to happen....same applies to the women’s division.

 Holly Holm is safely not a household name like Ronda because she hasn’t had the marketing that Rousey got in her time as champion. This leaves everyone interested in women’s MMA the obligation to research more of the women’s division and see who else is out there. Because hell, After UFC 193, the thought we are all left with is “well, if some fighter i’ve hardly heard of beat this household name, who else is out there that i don’t know about?!”. Even if Ronda wins a rematch, this still catapults Holly Holm to a huge level of global exposure that i’m sure won’t be fading anytime soon. Now that this upset has happen, this gives prominent female fighters (especially ones who previously fought Rousey) a chance at more exposure and a more solid route to campaign for the title.

 This is a crazy time for the sport of MMA where fighter rankings have become a bible of who is fighting who next and when someone gets a title shot. So in this case, when you got one fighter in a division that everyone knows then losses the belt, it scrambles the rankings and creates a new playing field that fans don’t even know who the next threat is, making fans and the media search for that next talent, creating more attention to a division that would of been worse off if Ronda had won and retired undefeated. This would of left fans frustrated that the best left and won’t be another fighter that globally known. It is going to take a long time for a female fighter to come close to the social presence Ronda has got, but thankfully through this hidden godsend, now the fans and the media get to search for that next big female fighter and build a new big entity for Women’s MMA.

 - Written by Peter Artman (@Petetorious)


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