Royalty Combat 14 “Pro1” Fight Card


 Royalty Combat 14 "Pro1" Fight Card 



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The Weigh-in will be Friday in the commission Cancha Nilmarie Santini, Depto. Recreacion Y Deportes Royalty Combat 14 "pro1" at 2:00 pm. The same is open to the public! The waiting. The fighters and coaches q be documents please arrive at 1:00 pm to solve the same!

1-Dariun Tarzan Montgomery Alberto Delgado 0-0 vs 0-1

2-Danny Rivera Alexander J Rodriguez 0-0 vs 0-2

3-Ana Lopez Kassandra Ruky Alonso 0-0 vs 0-0

4-Nelson Cardona Sigfredo Sigui Velez 2-3 vs 3-3

5-Jose Vega Hector Showtime 0-1 vs 2-6

6-Bryan Daye Alfredo Roman 7-3 vs 3-1

7-Edgar Urias Danny Rodriguez 2-3 vs 7-1


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