Rumble at the Roseland 87 Results


Rumble at the Roseland 87 Results


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Rumble at the Roseland 87 Results

Fight 11: 170lb Title
Saul Gallegos-Ruiz defeats Alex Aguilar by triangle choke at 2:35 of Round 3

Fight 10: 135lb Title
Tristan Lindi defeats Ryen Betzhold by RNC at 1:36 of Round 5 to become the new champion!

Fight 9: 170lb Superfight
Abasi Young defeats Adan Suarez by tko at 1:54 of Round 2

Fight 8: 155lb Superfight
The fight was called by the referee declaring Thomas Patrick the winner over Quinten Wyland at 1:16 by technical submission

Fight 7: 170lbs
Nick Martin defeats Erik Kirkpatrick by armbar at 1:38 of Round 1

Fight 6: 205lbs
Jack Smash defeats Brandon Lunny by kimura at 1:52 of Round 1

Fight 5: 155lbs
Exie Benitez defeats Matt Miranda by Round 1 at 1:51 by triangle choke

Fight 4: 140lbs
Scout Moore defeats Matt Charaba by tko at 1:02 of Round 3

Fight 3: 135lbs
Samuel Crawford defeats Roi Cho by unanimous decision

Fight 2: 135lbs
Zach Martin defeats Sean Keefe by RNC at 1:41 of Round 2

Fight 1: 155lb
Leroy Nakano-Santos defeats Lawrence Phanomsack by tko at 1:21 of Round 3


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