Russian MMA News and Rumors 1-28-15



Russian MMA News and Rumors 1-28-15

By Eduard Gorbachev

Became known to the date of the tournament ACB 14. This Event is scheduled for February 28th. Location: city of Grozny.

At this time in each weight division ACB will gather eight fighters. The best of them will be able to fight with champion ACB.

February 28, at Grozny sports complex "Coliseum", we will see in the representatives of the three divisions ACB: the lightest, light heavyweight and cruiserweight.

Follow the latest developments!

ACB 14

The main battle

12. (93 kg) Isa Umarov (1-0, Russia) vs Vasily Babich (11-6, Russia) Major battles

11. (over 93 kg) Alex bark (8-3, Brazil) vs Salimgirey Rasulov (11-6, Russia)

10. (up to 61.2 kg), Magomed Ginaz (5-0, Russia) vs Ilfat Amirov (4-0, Russia)

9. (over 93 kg) Lew Polley (12-5, USA) vs Jacek Chaychynski (7-7, Poland)

8. (up to 61.2 kg), Murad Zeynulabidov (10-1, Russia) vs Antun Racic (17-5, Croatia)

7. (up to 61.2 kg), Murad Kalam (3-0, Russia) vs Filip Macek (12-7, Czech Republic)

6. (93 kg) Hussein Kushagov (2-1, Russia) vs Niels Van Nurdi (12-6, The Netherlands)

5. (93 kg) Michal Violet (12-4, Poland) vs Giga Kukhalashvili (4-2, Georgia)

4. (over 93 kg), Zaur Gadzhibabaev (2-0, Azerbaijan) vs Zaurbek Bashaev (1-0, Russia)

3. (up to 61.2 kg) Zhozenaldo Silva (18-4, Brazil) vs Peter Yang (3-0, Russia)

2. (over 93 kg) Muhamat Vakhaev (1-3, Russia) vs Vitaly Kiselev (5-0, Ukraine)

1. (93 kg) Muslim Mahmood (4-3, Russia) vs TBA




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