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Sam Toomer, RFA Fan to Fighter

Sam Toomer has been making a name for himself when it comes to the independent scene in mixed martial arts at featherweight. While racking up an undefeated record of (7-0-0), Toomer has not only caught the eye of MMA fans, but also those of Resurrection Fighting Alliance (RFA).

Culver City, California will host RFA 15 on June 6, 2014 where Toomer makes his awaited and anticipated debut under the promotion. RFA has a reputation of supporting their athletes to the fullest and treating them very well. Sam certainly recognizes the opportunity presented to him as well and is very excited to jump in that RFA cage and put on one hell of a performance.

When I first got the news I was too excited. Me and a friend of mine a few months ago were watching RFA fights and we both were aiming to fight for RFA one day and for it to happen a few months later is a message from the universe. I'm very thankful that RFA is willing to put me on their show and on the main card.”

Sam is no stranger to whom RFA matchmaker Scott Cutbirth has given him for his first ever AXS TV appearance. Daniel Aguiar currently fighting out of Blackhouse MMA, use too spar with Sam from time to time says Toomer.

What's funny is I've trained with Danny before when I was an amateur. He actually showed me some sick chokes that I still use till this day. I'm looking forward to sharing the cage with him. Of course I'm going to be aware of the submissions. He doesn't do anything else but submit people.”

Although only a few hours away from Culver City, and with members of his family and friends in attendance, Sam believes there will be no “home field” advantage coming into June 6, 2014 vs Daniel Aguiar.

I'm from Brawley, CA and only have friends and supporters from my gyms coming out and I'm sure they'll be there to cheer me on. I believe that he has the home field advantage, he trains out there and not to mention the president of RFA is affiliated with Black House. All this has crossed my mind once and it doesn't bother me at all. It doesn't matter to me, we both have to perform to the best of our abilities and make sure we put on a great show for present and future supporters.”

Both men, Toomer and Aguiar are coming into RFA 15 with one agenda. That is to perform, win and impress. With multiple finishes between the two of them, Toomer does not see this fight going the distance.

They can expect a finish. I don't see this fight going the distance. We both are finishers and I'm sure that's what we both have on our minds.”

According to Sam preparation, and his time so far during his fight camp has been a great experience. Sam explains the transition from opening day to fight week. Since working with his coach Andy Schnadig things have changed a little.

Opening week we just hit it hard. Just working my all-around game, making sure I'm sharp. The routine doesn't change. The day before weigh-ins I'm hungry, thirsty, but patient. That day I will be calm and ready to make weight. My routine changes a little now that I'm working with my coach Andy Schnadig who had worked with some high level fighters. He has some interesting and effective methods. I know I'll be on point.

Preparing for a fight is not like stepping into the cage. Surrounded by training partners, coaches, family and friends, whom all show their support daily inside the gym can’t be there side by side to touch gloves with the scheduled opponent prior to the opening round of a MMA fight.

The support and training one receives before fight time is very valuable and very important. Leading up to his fight at RFA Sam Toomer has certainly support to thank.

I would like to thank my whole coaching staff Charles Martinez, Andy Schnadig, Vince Salvador, Jason, Jonny, Greg Mac, Paul, my teammates for pushing me. I’d like to thank “The A-Squad family”, all my family, friends, fans, and anyone that supports me. I love every single one of you. 1up.”

You can follow Sam via Twitter @SuperSamToomer, also catch him live on AXS TV June 6, 2014 at RFA 15 in Culver City, CA.

Interview by @AdamMartinShow

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