Scott Cutbirth and “Living The Dream”: Survivor Fighting Alliance

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Scott Cutbirth and “Living The Dream”: Survivor Fighting Alliance.

Mixed Martial Arts in my opinion is a sport of skill, discipline, and heart. The growth and possibilities allow a fighter to demonstrate exactly those components in this day and age. Survivor Fighting Alliance is no different according to Scot Cutbirth, founder of SFA.

Survivor Fighting Alliance is a promotion designed to give fighters an opportunity to prove that they belong at the next step, whether that being RFA, Titan FC, or just up the pro ranks. Fighters from all over will be given an opportunity to prove themselves against solid competition. More importantly it’s not just about fights, it’s about recognizing survivors of all likes (Cancer, war, autism, etc). We have overcome obstacles in our lives, and it’s important to recognize and help those who need support.”

It’s no doubt Cutbirth expresses his passion for the sport through his matchmaking abilities and dedication on a hourly basis, and no reason to believe he would cut himself short of looking for new ways to contribute to the growth of MMA.  Not alone, Scott has teamed up with Titan FC matchmaker Joe Wooster, whom together will travel this journey and contribute to making more dreams come true.

It’s a new venture I have decided to do this because I’m passionate about this sport and helping others that have dreams like I do.”

Although Resurrection Fighting Alliance will always come first and Cutbirth will continue to match for the organization, the Missouri native has explained what benefits this (SFA) brings to fighters within MMA, but also goes into details on what it means and does for himself.

RFA will come first, I will continue as matchmaker of RFA. This will allow me to do more of what I love. I live each day with the motto “living the dream” and this will allow me to live out more of my dreams.”

Based out of MO, the assumption of the inaugural event, scheduled for September 20, 2014 would be held within state. Multiple states have been focused on according to Cutbirth, and as he said the first ever SFA event will indeed take place in the Midwestern U.S region.

I’m focussing on seven states in the Midwest, so I can say the first show will be in the Midwest. September 20, 2014 will be the first event.”

With duel obligations alongside Wooster, Scott will not only run the promotion but with Joe will handle the matching for each event. Scott assures that up and coming fighters will be showcased.

Yes, I will be the promoter and will do the majority of the matchmaking along with the help from Titan matchmaker Joe Wooster. The Fight card is coming together with some solid prospects from all over the Midwest.”

Currently, women’s mixed martial arts is a very highly talked about subject, especially with The Ultimate Fighter Season 20 taking place later this year. Featuring the world’s best 115lb women, there will be no doubt that other promotions will look to also continue to build depth in their women’s divisions. For Scott, WMMA will always get a supporting hand and has since day one from him.

I’m a HUGE supporter of WMMA. I consider Shannon Knapp of Invicta FC a good friend. Living in the same town and watching what she has done has been inspiring. If I can give women the opportunity to build their careers and achieve bigger goals, I absolutely will. I would love to be able to work with women that can move on to RFA or Invicta. I would be thrilled.”

With everything coming together and only a few months away, SFA will indeed provide many opportunities for several fighters. In his own words founder Scott Cutbirth explains what you will expect for the inaugural Survivor Fighting Alliance 1 event on September 20, 2014.

You’re going to see an avenue where fighters are competing for something bigger, an opportunity for to advance and get to the next stage of their career against equal completion. On top of that and more importantly an event that will recognize those hero’s that have overcome and survived more than the fighters laying it all out in the cage.”

You can follow Scott Cutbrith, RFA matchmaker and owner of Survivor Fighting Alliance via Twitter @RFACutbirth, SFA @SFAFighting and follow @AdamMartinShow for updates on SFA.

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