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Edgar Urias will make his professional debut March 7, Revolution Cage Warriors Challenge: Battle On The Prairie at the Morton County Civic Center, Elkhart, Kansas. Edgar Urias fights out of Liberal, Kansas & trains with Rines American Freestyle Karate. The 23 year old Urias has a amateur record of 7-2 and holds the Throwdown Showdown Title as a Featherweight. Urias earned that Title in an 8 man tournement at Throwdown Showdown 14, defeating 3 fighters in the same night for the Championship Title. In the first fight Urias had a :19 second KO in the 1st Rd vs Cesar Gomez and earned Fight of the Night. In the 2nd fight, Urias defeated Jesus Escarsega via TKO/due to strikes @2:15 of the 1st Rd. The Championship fight was a KO/TKO @:22 in the 2nd Rd for the Throwdown Showdown Title. Edgar Urias has some power in his hands with 5 of his 7 wins coming by way of KO/TKO.

I was real curious about how Edgar Urias got started in MMA & I wanted to pick his brain about his career. This is what he had to say:

What actually got you into mixed martial arts?

I started fighting in 2010 only reason I went in an tried the sport was so my younger brother would follow. I wasn't into fighting until I found this sport. I am sure glad I did though. I have not had any prior experience in any combat sport. The sport of mixed martial arts has taught me about respect and many other things that have helped me in life”

What are some of your most memorable accomplishments since becoming a

mixed martial artist?

Some of my MMA career accomplishments are winning a tournament I was in 3 fights in one night and I won all 3 by knock out. I also fought in Titan entertainment tournament of champions and lost my first fight. My jaw was broken in that fight. I have had a 19 sec knock out fight of the night award. I am currently going professional for Saturday's fight”Edgar Urias

Looking back at your first fight in the cage as a amateur. How does this fight (Pro debut) compare to the first time you were in the cage? Explain the feeling?

My first amateur was very short notice. I was super nervous after weigh ins I couldn't even speak. So when I compare the both of them it's like I am used to it now. I know the feeling of getting in there. I see it as the only difference now is that it's tougher competition. Still nervous just a little knowledgeable of what I have coming”

You haven't been in the cage (last amateur fight) since June 2013. Have you been training everyday since your last amateur fight?

No I haven't I was actually thinking about giving it all up after the broken jaw I just didn't think I should do it anymore I would train on and off and finally decided that I wasn't able to just leave like that”

I see you had another Scrap Soldier sponsored fighter Jesus Adame in your corner whenyou won the amateur Title. Has he been a big influence in getting you ready for your 1st pro

Yea he has as well as all the other fighters we all try and help each other out”

No doubt the fans are going to see a different fighter! What can the fans expect come Saturday night from Edgar Urias?

Well idk lol I haven't had a submission win but it's a good feeling when you knock someone out. It's going to be an exciting fight though”

Were do you see yourself a year from now?

I plan on fighting as many times as possible within this year but I would like to see myself in a big fight company. Like RFA or Titan something like that”Jesus Adame Edgar Urias

Who's your favorite fighter?

Favorite fighter in the UFC? Well I have Frankie Edgar and Anthony Pettis”

If you could be a Main Event in any city in the world, were would it be and why?

Las Vegas. Everyone (I think anyway) wants to fight in Vegas. I would like to be the main event there. It's fight town”

I got to ask! Did your little brother follow your foot steps?

He did for one fight. He says he would like to get back in there but that it's tough. We live in small towns but he lives in a smaller one no gyms except for maybe this one in liberal. He pushes me Now though. He is the one that gets my mental game on point. I call him when I feel nervous or unsure of what might happen and he just gives me a huge boost of confidence so I guess you could say he is in there with me”

Edgar I appreciate you taken the time out to do this interview. We're always hoping for the best. If their is anybody you want to thank or give a shout out to you go right ahead.

Yea of course. To my little girl. To my parents for always supporting even though mom hates it. My brother and sister for always being there and trying to feed me cakes when I'm cutting lol. I want to thank all my friends who are always there when I fight. Orlando Longoria for always being there and repping that Scrap Soldier shirt. Kole Pepa thank you for everything. I would like to shout out two Sponsors Gomez tires and Big Mike soul food”

Fight fans get out & support Edgar Urias as he starts another chapter in his mixed martial arts career. Making his Pro Debut Saturday March 7, Revolution Cage Warriors Challenge: Battle On The Prairie

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