Sidney Eruption Pro/Am Play by Play Sidney, Mt. Sept.6 2014

Sidney Eruption Pro/Am Play by Play Sidney, Mt. Sept.6 2014


Fight #1 140 lb Bout Debut
David Schroer vs Sean Lentz Winner Sean Lentz tap outRear Naked Choke. at 1:50 1st Round

Round 1:Sean comes out with some good kicks and throughs some great combos and takes David down with a Rear Naked Choke.

Fight #2 180 lb Bout Debut
Rob Mocko vs Dustin Renders Winner Dustin Renders In 1st Round

Round 1 Dustin comes out throwing and tries to lift Rob and can't. Rob gets stuck and a strong rear naked choke and taps.

Fight #3 225 lb Bout Deputy
Jake Hauser vs PatrickChambers Winner Jake Hauser In the 2nd Round @ 2:02

Round 1: Patrick comes out throwing some great punches. Jake goes to the ground to get away from the punches. Ref stands them up after about 20 secs no action. Patrick comes back with some jabs and almost knocking Jake out. They go to the ground and Patrick lands some great punches to the head. Patrick tries for a triangle and Jake stacked him up and they run out of time.

Round 2: Patrick comes in for a shot and takes Jake down via grabbing Jakes shorts. They are on the mat not progressing when Patrick lifts Jake and slams his to the ground.
Words where spoken between Patrick and Jake, words where unclear. Then Patrick rolls over and gives Jake a loose Arm Triangle to which Patrick taps.

Fight #4 165 lb Bout
Dan Cook vs Gene Speldron Winner Dan Cook Due to an illegal groin shot In the 2nd Round

Round 1: They come out and get in a clinch when Gene takes Dan down. Gene tries for a knee bar but cant hold it. They struggle on the ground with blows. Dan tries for an arm bar and Gene gets out and stands up. Dan came out punching and Gene gets mount and stays there for the remainder of the round.

Round 2:Both fighters come out breathing hard and finally Gene steps in and throws some strong combos. Gene take Dan down and gets side control. They move into the corner and don't really do anything. Somehow Dan got kneed in the groin and the ref takes a point away from Gene. Dan cant stand and the dr says he cant continue but the ref calls the fight for Dan due to the illegal shot to the groin.

Fight #5 185 lb Bout Pro
Estaban Soto Vs Blake Green Winner Blake Green by way of KO @2:37 In the 1st Round

Round 1:Both fighters come out and touch gloves and try to gauge distance. Esteban comes out with the first punch. Blake follows up with a nice front kick, they get into a clinch against the cage. They come out to the center of the cage where Blake lands a hard round kick to the head and knocks out Esteban. After the doctors looked at him it turns out he knocked out part of Esteban's tooth.

Fight #6 205 lb
Cody Williams vs Tyler Harris Winner Cody Williams TKO In the 1st Round

Round 1:both come out very aggressive. Cody land a few heavy lefts and Tyler comes back with a kick and Cody grabbed it and quickly turns and takes Tyler's back and they go to the ground. Cody gets top position and holds Tyler there with fury of punches.The Ref stops it and calls it due to strikes.

Fight #7 140lb
Ryan Clemons vs Dave Caughlin Winner Ryan Clemons Rear Naked Choke in 1st round

Round 1: Both fighters came out hard and fast and was over just as fast with Ryan getting Dave in a Rear Naked Choke.

Co Main event 160 lb Pro
Chad Mertens vs Kevin Tjadan Winner Chad Mertens by TKO due to strikes 1:03 1st Round

Round 1: Kevin comes out throwing hay makers and Chad ducks them. Chad takes Kevin with a heavy overhand left which knocked Kevin to the ground but Chad steps back and lets Kevin get up. Chad lands another heavy overhand left and put Kevin on his ass and Chad finishes the fight with strikes to the head. Ref steps in and calls the fight due to strikeage

MAIN EVENT Pro Light Heavyweight Bout
Bob Gilstrap vs Brandon 'Loose Cannon" Anderson Winner Brandon Anderson TKO dues to strikes In the 3:40 Round

Round 1:Bob comes out with a kick and misses. Bob continues to kick an brandon dodges and follows up with a great set of combos. Brandon takes bob down and Bob get mount. Brandon tries for an arm bar but looses it. They are in a clinch on the ground but get broke up with Bob throwing bombs on Brandon. Brandon gets head control to stop the blows.Brandon lifts Bob up and rolls him over and throws his own bombs.Brandon gets full mount but Bob rolls out with 10 secs left in the round they get on there feet and throw blow for blow.

Round 2: Bob comes out with a light punch as he seems tired.Brandon comes out with a great inside kick.Brandon take Bob down and gets full mount. Bob controls Brandon's head with no action for a good 15 secs. Brandon tries for a fore arm choke but Bob gets out and takes brandon to the ground and throws bombs. Brandon gets up and tries for a rear naked but looses it and get mount again and the ref stops the fight due to strikes.


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