Suleiman strikes back; Jeremy Smith promises “humility class” inside the cage


Suleiman strikes back; Jeremy Smith promises "humility class" inside the cage


Smith Suleiman

Suleiman strikes back; Jeremy Smith promises "humility class" inside the cage

Over the last weeks, Syria's Tarek Suleiman has been very active in social media and used his official channels to call out South Africa's Jeremy "The Pitbull" Smith. Now, the Middleweight decided to heat up the rivalry again, with mean words towards his peer.

"Wanted to tell this morning to Pitbull Smith a glimpse of his future in July 2017. It'll be the beating of your lifetime, buddy", posted Suleiman on his official Twitter account. "Your hands won't do shit mate, I've done my part of the deal, let's see if you can pack your words and get the fight. If I were you, I wouldn't be excited. Get a retirement plan, English teacher, for example".

Smith didn't let it lie and dropped his reply right away. "Put the pen to the paper and I'll let my hands do the talking. The only teaching that's gonna be done is the lesson I'll teach you in humility", the South African said.

Tarek Suleiman is one of the most well-known fighters in the Middle East and, despite he's not yet signed with Brave CF, he's been recently linked to a possible deal with the promotion.

Jeremy Smith, on the other hand, is currently in a multi-fight deal with Brave CF and even though he suffered a split-decision-loss in his debut, the Pitbull got the fight of the night bonus against Marcos Pirata in Brazil.

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