Super Fight League 44 Event recap


Super Fight League 44 Event recap


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Super Fight League 44 Event recap
Super Fight League 44 didn't disappoint fight fans who tuned in to see top-tier MMA. This event streamed around the world and got fans out of their seats having 8 fights and 8 finishes! Nothing was held back and the fans got in my opinion the best fight card of the year. SFL44 had two main event (co-mains) and a featured undercard, all of which matches that could of capped an entire event off. This weeks fight breakdown includes: Featured undercard with local favorite Drew Brokenshire taking on underdog Daniel Swain, Alfonso Gonzales facing Thomas Hoeper for the SFL America Lighheavyweight title belt and Justin Harrington squaring off with Bobby Mcintyre for the SFL America Lightweight title belt.


Daniel Swain vs Drew Brokenshire:

In the featured undercard bout, Daniel Swain pulled off the upset of the night submitting Drew Brokenshire by Triangle Armbar in the 3rd round, Drew Brokenshire vs Daniel Swain was a big shocker for the MMA community as Swain fought at an unmatchable pace being more versatile with his strikes and grappling. The fight started with Swain landing a good exchange of 1 2 punches. Following this both fighters kept an even pace for the first 2 minutes with a kick exchange and a few back and forth punches, but it was Swain's use of the clinch that became an early problem for Brokenshire. Swain pinned Brokenshire on the fence and landed a few hard knees to the head and body proceeding that with taking him down to end to the round. Round 2, Brokenshire made a push of his own going off on Swain with some hard punch combos mixing with head kicks at the end of exhanges. Swain matched his aggression with scoring some brutal knees to the head and body looking like the fight could be over, Brokenshire went to his back to try and work some jujitsu to end the round. Swain kept control with the wrestling and the top control and when Brokenshire reversed, swain locked up a triangle and unable to submit with the triangle, went with an armbar to get the tap, earn not only a big win to his resume but overcame the underdog position in huge fashion.
Alfonso Gonzales vs Thomas Hoeper:

In SFL 44's first co-main event of the night, Alfonso Gonzales pummeled Thomas Hoeper to be crowned the SFL Lightheavyweight Champion. Hoeper started the fight the aggressor using his reach advantage to good use. Hoeper took control with the clinch for the first half of the round landing some visually painful knees to the body. Gonzales responded with 2 takedowns and landed a hard right hook wobbling Hoeper to end the round. Alfonso Gonzales took over the rest of the fight rocking Hoeper with 2 hard overhand rights that visibly stunned him, followed by a takedown, and from there, unleashed a vicious all out ground and pound to get the finish and earn the SFL America Light-Heavyweight title belt.
Justin Harrington vs Bobby Mcintyre:

In SFL 44's final fight of the night, Justin Harrington submitted Bobby Mcintyre in the most come from behind victory you could of ever imagined. Let me say right now, Bobby Mcintyre is a force to be reckoned with in all of standing combat sports. Watching him come up the rankings in both MMA and boxing, he is a scrappy/scary person to stand toe-to-toe with. Bobby Mcintyre, as usual, came out full force starting his onslaught with a barely missing spinning back kick that would of floored a water buffalo if it landed and following it up with a flurry of punches. Harrington stayed on defense trying to time a counter, but Mcintyre took advantage of his pace and after an aggressive exchange of punches thrown, took Justin down with a double leg, lifting Harrington up and slamming him looking with urgency to finish. Advancing with the takedown, Mcintyre locked Harrington in a crucifix delivering hard elbows and looking like Harrington wasn't going to get out of this and the fight would get stopped....think again! Justin Harrington not only weathered the storm in a less than satisfactory position, but Harrington got an arm out and as he got out of the crucifix, went to his back and locked in a triangle choke making Mcintyre tap. Justin Harrington got crowned the new SFL America Lightweight champion and in my eyes, the winner of any "comeback of the year" award. Harrington said it best in his post fight interview when asked "What made you able to get through that crucifix and heavy onslaught of punches" replying simply "Faith".

***SFL 44 fight results***
Co-main event SFL America Lightweight title (5 rounds):

vs Justin Harrington defeats Bobby McIntyre via Submission (Triangle Choke) at 2:25 of round 1
Co-main event SFL America Lightheavyweight title (5 rounds):

Alfonso Gonzales defeats Thomas Hoeper via TKO (Punches) at 1:29 of round 2
Featured undercard bout (3 rounds):

Daniel Swain defeats Drew Brokenshire via Submission (Triangle Armbar) at 2:04 of round 3
Undercard (3 rounds):

Jenny Liou defeats Heather Denny via Submission (Armbar) at 4:01 of round 1

Lyndon Hirai defeats Allan Nickolauson via TKO (Punches) at 2:44 of round 1

Jeremie Montgomery defeats Jadon Johnson via KO (Punches) at 1:26 of round 1

Thomas Pierce defeats Jesse Hardenbrook via Submission (RNC) at 2:22 of round 2

Dylan Potter defeats Chris Aparico via Submission (Armbar) at 1:34 of round 1


--------> Reported by Peter Artman (Petetorious)


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