Super Fight League Invades America October 4th – Asia’s Largest MMA Promotion Partners up with CageSport

Seattle, WA (August 27, 2014*) — Super Fight League, Asia’s leader in MMA today announced their expansion and accelerated the growth of the Super Fight League brand in North America. The new venture will be named Super Fight League America in partnership with Brian Halquist Productions, Inc. and AEUTV, LLC and will be funded through a partnership created by all entities.
The new venture will kick off on October 4, 2014 at the Emerald Queen
Casino in Tacoma, Washington. The principals will provide enhanced
marketing, sales and television production as they build a new series of
MMA fights rolling out in 2014. The venture will produce world class MMA
entertainment to be distributed via broadcast and new media platforms.

“We are very excited to partner with Super Fight League. There are few if
any MMA brands in Asia more respected than Super Fight League as they
conquered the largest media market in the world and proved they had both
vision and expertise. We are proud to be able to align with them on this
new venture, which we think will take their core business built in Asia and
expand it exponentially on a global basis, starting in the USA,” said Brian
Halquist, President of Brian Halquist Productions.

“Brian’s long term relationship as a fight promoter with the Emerald
was proof positive that we had found the right partner with our growth plan
in the USA. The fact that he has had an 18 year history, the longest
running combat program with any casino in North America, showed us not only
his savvy business acumen but also the stability and trust he has garnered
in the market as a world class promoter. Super Fight League America was
facilitated by digital entertainment executive George Chung, advisor to
Super Fight League since its inception. George’s expertise in global
distribution of digital media was instrumental in formulating our vision
of expansion,” stated Raj Kundra, CEO and Chairman of Super Fight League.

Super Fight League America’s first fight will feature 2 up and coming
fighters in the main event featuring CageSport Bantamweight Champion, Cory
Vombour 7-2 vs Victor Henry 7-1. Henry is coming off a huge win in Japan
against seasoned veteran of the cage, Hideo Tokoro. Trained under the
tutelage of Seattle Native Josh Barnet, former UFC Heavyweight Champion,
this marks Barnetts first visit to the Emerald Queen Fight series. Also
featured will be Super Fight League, female champion Colleen Schneider of
Los Angeles will defend her title with an opponent to be named.

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The Super Fight League is Asia's leading Mixed Martial Arts organization.
Over the past decade, with the guidance of state athletic commissions
throughout the United States, Mixed Martial Arts has developed from a
spectacle into a highly respected sport with a global audience. Major
fights between world-renowned Mixed Martial Arts superstars are among the
most popular sporting events of the year, surpassing pay-per-view records
of boxing and professional wrestling. Sports fans around the World have
made their voices heard, they want a sense of real competition when they
watch sports, and MMA delivers. The Super Fight League brings Mixed Martial
Arts to India and it brings it the world through its partnership with
<>*. MMA fans can catch all Super Fight League
live and for free on TV in India and YouTube everywhere else.

Super Fight League was founded by Raj Kundra and Sanjay Dutt in 2012. Both
men are proven leaders in Sports and Entertainment in India and both are
well respected and successful Entrepreneurs. Collectively they have become
dominant forces in India's Bollywood and Cricket scene and now Mixed
Martial Arts.


Brian Halquist Productions is the Northwest premiere fight promotion
company creator of the famed "Battle at the Boat" boxing series promoting
over 17 years and 100 fights at the Emerald Queen Casino. BHP has also
built the largest professional MMA series on the USA’s west coast with
“CageSport MMA” promoting over 30 fights. Brian Halquist Productions has
promoted events for ESPN, ShowTime and HBO and featured on Showtime's
historic boxing event in St Lucia, West Indies. Brian Halquist Productions
has been promoting fights and concerts for over 30 years in the Pacific

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