Surprise At The Finish Line: “Frodo” vs “Lionheart” is the ACB 27 main event


Surprise At The Finish Line: “Frodo” vs “Lionheart” is the ACB 27 main event


Eduard Lionheart Vartanian Magomedrasul Frodo Hasbulaev

Surprise at the finish line: “Frodo” vs “Lionheart” is the ACB 27 main event

There are only a few days left before the ACB 27 starts in Dushanbe, but the surprises at this tournament have already begun. At the last minute due to Brian Cobb’s knee injury the main event was substituted for the most anticipated fight of the evening: a duel between Eduard "Lionheart" Vartanian and Magomedrasul "Frodo" Hasbulaev. Apparently the bout will be really decisive for these two athletes. So how are these opponents preparing for the upcoming battle?
Let us remind you that Vartanian, whose open and even a little "crazy" style earned him the nickname "Lionheart", has kept an astounding streak of 11 wins in a row until the last fight, and was a favorite before the fight against Ali Bagov. However, eventually Eduard had to tap out already at the second minute of the first round. After such unfortunate defeat many fighters would have asked their manager to organize them an easier fight to get back on a winning track. But if you think that Eduard Vartanian is one of them, you are obviously not familiar with this person. He is not afraid of new challenges, on the contrary he jumps in feet first without any hesitations. A lot is at stake for Vartanian – two losses in a row can throw him far back and he would have to start his way from scratch.
“I’ve studied my opponent before the fight. My rival is a very experienced and strong fighter who has many fights and a solid career behind him – I’m motivated by this. I will say that my advantages are in my anthropometry and in putting constant pressure on my opponent. My main goal at the tournament is to give my 100% and to beat the best one, and I'm going to do this," Eduard Vartanian said about his intentions.
One shouldn’t forget that snatching a victory in this bout can be very difficult. After all, one of the most hardened Russian fighters, Magomedrasul "Frodo" Hasbulaev, will be in the other corner of the cage. He needs no special introduction – he’s been fighting in the professional scene for more than 6 years, and in that time he became known as one of the most dangerous, aggressive and explosive fighters. Hasbulaev is the Grand Prix winner of one of the most prestigious MMA organizations – Bellator. He was just a step away from the title, however, due to organizational problems he made the decision to terminate the contract and return to his homeland under the banner of the rapidly developing international promotion Absolute Championship Berkut. There he has already managed to fight in his debut bout, which was over for his opponent as soon as it started. Despite such impressive achievements, Hasbulaev has something to prove. After his long downtime many critics were saying that he "has outlasted" his peak on the bench and will not be able to return to his former shape. Well, it is hardly possible to come up with something better than a victory over a young and hungry to win Vartanian to shut the mouths of his spiteful critics.


"Just recently I was offered the fight with Eduard Vartanian, and in the last month of training we’ve had enough time to become well-prepared for a fight together with my coaching staff. My opponent is good both in stand-up and on the ground, so we have put the emphasis on working on my stamina, strength and endurance. We’ve been training in pairs a lot and practicing the tactical points. So I can confidently say that I'm ready for anything," Magomedrasul Hasbulaev asserts.

A whole wall of gossip and controversy is built around this fight, but no one doubts that it will be the most ruthless battle of the tournament. Both opponents have a vast experience of blowout victories and unexpected defeats. Frozen in anticipation, we can only wait and make our bets on one of the "predators" in the ACB 27 cage.
The ACB 27 tournament fight card:

The fight of the night:

15. (70.3 kg) Brian "The Bandit" Cobb (20-8, United States) vs Musa Khamanaev (15-4, Russia)
Main fights:
14. (70.3 kg) Eduard "Lionheart" Vartanyan (11-2, Russia) vs Magomedrasul "Frodo" Khasbulaev (22-5, Russia)
13. (93 kg) Jorge Luis «Michelan» Bezerra (19-11, Brazil) vs Gadzhimurad Antigulov (16-4, Russia)
12. (70.3 kg) Julio Cesar "Field" de Almeida (24-10, Brazil) vs Abdul-Aziz "Lion" Abdulvakhabov (11-1, Russia)
11. (77.1 kg) Ibrahim Tibilov (9-4, Russia) vs Abu "Gladiator" Azaitar (10-1, Germany)
10. (70.3 kg) Vladislav Stepanov (7-7, Russia) vs Firdavs Nazarov (1-2, Tajikistan)
Preliminary fights:
9. (84 kg) Moussa Coulibaly (6-2, France) vs Abdurahman Dzhanaev (3-0, Russia)
8. (70.3 kg) Baz Mohammad Mubariz (5.3, Afghanistan) vs Islam Makoev (6-1, Russia)
7. (77.1 kg) Grigoriy "Crusader" Kichigin (6-4, Russia) vs Tarek Suleiman (3-2, "Tiger Muay Thai")
6. (61.2 kg) Denis Mutsnek (10-2, Kazakhstan) vs Magomed Ginazov (8-1, Russia)
5. (77.1 kg) Alexey Metelitsa (1-0, "Sambo") vs Artur Odilbekov (1-2, Tajikistan)
4. (65.8 kg) Alexander Pisarev (0-0, Russia) vs Dilovar Davlatov (1-1, Tajikistan)
3. (77.1 kg) Konstantin Zabavin (2-1, Russia) vs Muboraksho Muborakshoev (1-0, Tajikistan)
2. (70.3 kg) Kirill Gorobets (2-0, Ukraine) vs Fayzi Tobatov (1-0, Tajikistan)
1. (61.2 kg) Ibrahim Navruzov (0-0, Georgia) vs Kadirbek Adanov (1-1, Kyrgyzstan)

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