'Sweet Baby' Ray Allard will start the 2017 season making his Professional Debut for Fight Hard MMA at the Family Arena in St. Charles, Mo. on January 7. Allard prides himself in taking the toughest fights out there & this will no doubt be the toughest to date. Allard will toe the line vs Charles Johnson (1-0), who has also had an impressive amateur career & Fight Hard veteran. No doubt in my mind these two warriors are gonna give the Fight Hard fans what they come to see in this Flyweight bout.

Allard started fighting when he was 16 yrs old. Now at the age of 25, Allard has over 50+ amateur fights, with an astonishing record of 45-11-1 & never a given. A native of Michigan, Allard lives in Cherokee Village, AR. Allard fights out of Thayer, Mo. under long time trainer Roger Cantrell/Cantrell MMA & Grandfather trainer Max Bishop. Allard says his fighting style has always been the Max Bishop Fighting System.

15822179_1397282153635677_1154408957_n'Sweet Baby' Ray has definitely made a name for himself as one of the toughest, well rounded mixed martial artists in AR, Mo, & TN. Always bringing the fans a pure excitement of a fight possible. Ive personally have witnessed his fights in numerous of matches & has ranked highly in some of the best battles I've ever seen. This kid is about as explosive as it gets. Allard has tested his skills in tons of promotions such as ShoFIGHTS (Branson), XFI (Ft Smith), V3 (Memphis) Rumble Time (Missouri) just to name a few.

I had a chance to talk to Ray's Coach Roger Cantrell about being the underdog & if they're any pressure on Ray going into this fight:
Cantrell said... 'We're very comfortable being the underdog. Maybe there's more pressure on him to look good in front of his hometown!! Ray will damn sure be there to win!!!'

I got the chance with 'Sweet Baby' Ray to pick his brain a little bit before going into this fight:

MMAmadhouse...After all the ammy fights you've had, why did you & your coaches decide to go pro now? And not before?

'Sweet Baby' Ray...'It's always been my decision to wait, never thought I was at a Pro level to my liking'

MMAmadhouse...How's your training coming along to prepare you for this fight?

'Sweet Baby' Ray...'My training is coming along good! Ill be confident in this fight'

MMAmadhouse...What can the fans at Fight Hard expect in this fight?

'Sweet Baby' Ray...'They can expect a war! Ill give them what they pay for. Lol'

MMAmadhouse...Do you feel any pressure going into this fight? You do know they'll be 9-10,000+ people filling the seats at the Family Arena.

'Sweet Baby' Ray...'There's always pressure! Its hard to say, but I do know this they're only gonna be one guy in the cage with his hand raised.'

MMAmadhouse...Any predictions on how the outcome of this fight ends?

'Sweet Baby' Ray...'Everybody will have to wait til show time'

MMAmadhouse...Any shout outs to give anybody (Trainers), (Sponsors), (Family) as many as you want.

'Sweet Baby' Ray...I want to give a shout out to Roger Cantrell my trainer, to my family for support (they know who they are), to Cerberus Jui Jitsu, Casey Springer, Tommy Walker Lawrence County Jui Jitsu.'

Hey folks any & all sponsors should think about jumping on board with this young Mixed Martial Artists. 'Sweet Baby' Ray Allard is the real deal!

Fight Hard MMA all Pro card Saturday January 7, Family Arena, St. Charles, Mo.

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Article and interview credit to HR Baker


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