The First Lady and the Norwegian Champion: Cecilia Brækhus


The First Lady and the Norwegian Champion: Cecilia Brækhus

By Michelle Marie Kristiansen


New Picture (1)Brækhus was born in Colombia 1981 and when she was two and a half years old she was adopted, and grew up in Bergen, Norway. She started kickboxing when she was fourteen years old. She was on the national team by the time she was sixteen and won gold at the European championship and the Word Championship. After a while she began with boxing. Now she is the world champion in the class welterweight in the World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Council (WBC), World Boxing Organization (WBO) and International Boxing Federation (IBF).



14th September she fought Ivana Habazin in Copenhagen, Denmark. Cecilia Brækhus won this fight without a doubt and took Ivanas IBF-belt, making her the first female boxer who has ever had all of the four belts in welterweight-class. Now she is planning to change class to light welterweight.




In her eight-year-old career as a professional boxer she has won 26 out of 26 matches andNew Picture (2) is currently undefeated. 7 of the matches she won with a KO. She had her first match the 20th January 2007 against the Croatian Ksenija Koprek. She won this game by points. – Wow, the first game I remember, lots of arms and legs flying around everywhere. I was so excited and had so much adrenalin that I almost can’t remember being in the ring. It was quite a sight, reminisces Cecilia Brækhus to Dagbladet.



16th December 2014 at 20.30 the law that forbidden professional boxing was finally dissolved and she can now for the first time in her life fight on homeground. – I can´t believe it. I am so excited. I´m so glad we managed this together, she tells the norwegian paper VG. She has been dreaming of fighting in Norway since she started professional boxing 8 years agom and her dream has come true.


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