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Anthony Birchak, born out of the State of Arizona, has made a name for himself north of the border in Canada. Edmonton, Alberta, the home of Maximum Fighting Championship has witnessed Birchak perform and grow not only as a mixed martial artist but also as a person and role model.

The nearly undefeated bantamweight has fought twice for MFC, and was scheduled for a third bout which he was eventually held off from competing on. Earlier this week it was released by the MFC that Birchak’s via issues would prevent him from coming into Canada and not being able to defend his title for his scheduled next defense later this year.

Birchak responded to the MFC press release, and certainly let it be known that he again is unhappy with MFC media.

Now this is the second time they've brought up issues to further make things difficult. Bottom line my contract was up and of course leaving. The MFC is never easy. It always seems a mess is attached to it. My contract was up and I was looking to advance my career and fight more than just once or twice a year.”

Although it is obvious Birchak is not impressed with the lack of availability to compete in the MFC, but also seemed to have differences when it comes to the head office of the organization as well. Birchak says this was not always the case but within the last year or so, things have changed between his relationship with himself and owner Mark Pavelich.

I thought it was all good but it seemed that when I got injured Mark never text me to see what was going on or see how I was doing. I got injured in April and didn't hear from Mark till July 5th, five days before my contract terms were up. Now I don't expect to be some princess waited on hand and foot but damn not even a phone call or retweet or post supporting my medical foundation charity drive to help since I didn't have medical insurance.

I don't know why it was such a big deal that I was looking to move on after being the champ, no one batted an eye when Alvey and Hamilton moved on after their title fights. Granted they defended their belts but again Mark kept me off the January card and really put me in financial crisis.

I want to fight as much as possible provided I’m healthy but how am I to survive as a full time fighter household of 6 with 2-3 fights a yr?

Although world champion of Canada’s largest MMA organization, Birchak explains how it felt to still have to work a full time job.

I even had to go back to doing roofing jobs for my Uncle’s company. It is honest work but it’s embarrassing when you have to explain to the workers why you're a world champion and doing manual labor again.”

A new chapter is ready to be written in the career book of Anthony Birchak. Since his release several organizations have shown interest in the 28 year old prospect. Although not finalizing yet, Anthony says he is just waiting for the right one to come in before he can agree to any terms. Not only looking for the best interests of himself but also his family.

Yes there have been several offers and I'm just waiting to get the right fit for me and my family. I belong in the top ten hands down. I truly believe that! There are some very good matchups for me and I plan to win another major world championship by mid to late 2015. UFC is where every fighter dreams of going and I want to continue my streak and lay stake as one of the most dominant bantam weights in the world!”

While other organizations have shown interest according to Birchak, the UFC is where every fighter wants to end up. The hard work and determination resulting in every fighter’s dreams and that is to compete inside the UFC octagon. Birchak also includes that with the current growth of the sport and the changes to certain promotions do leave the door wide open for him.

I've stated UFC has contacted me the week before Ryan Benoit fight and the night before my Tito jones fight so to say they have shown interest would be the best possible way to state that.

The MMA landscape has been in a constant state of flux lately with Coker at Bellator and ONE FC sweeping the eastern hemisphere with shows and WSOF building a very strong stable of champions but at the end of the day the little kid on the playing field dreams of taking his tee ball dreams to the MLB and that right now is how I continue to think!

Major organizations are now coming to the Grand Canyon State and realizing how big of a hotbed AZ really is. Several (fighters) just signed with UFC like Cejudo and Saenz others with Bellator like Mike Parker, Benny Madrid and Ed West resigning all shows AZ is doing something right!

Although with several options available in today’s world of MMA, Birchak feels any other type of movement would only be laterally if he were not to sign with a top organization at this point in this career.

Anything else would be a lateral move. Only benefit I see in another AXS TV organizations my existing fan base, and the fact that if I won a belt I could actually keep it. I just mailed back the MFC Belt a week ago I'm kind of sad but whatever I still got a championship ring to remember met run!”

Although a nice gift to all the champions of the organization, Birchak also had a couple issues with how the money was spent, and also pointed out he has yet to see any other champion with the same ring or one at all. Birchak goes on to claim the ring idea was initially his idea as well, not Mark Pavelich’s.

I still haven't even seen an MFC ring for any of the other champs! I think mark had egg on his face when I developed that ring for myself and felt behind and then panicked and said all champs will get a ring and made it look like his idea.  Here's a simple question... If he makes such a huge stink about a belt roughly valued $2k-6k I'm being generous saying six thousand. If he complains about getting that back what makes you think he's going to shell out 10-20k multiple times?  He's not! He just realized I had a great idea for the MFC that he or any Pavelich came up with. I promoted the MFC to its and my maximum potential hands down.”

With further development yet to take place in terms of Mr. Birchak’s next dealing or signing, whether it be with Bellator, WSOF, RFA, Titan or possibly the UFC, it will be interesting to see which organization makes the first correct move into becoming the one to sign a highly regarded talent such as Anthony Birchak.

Only time will tell, but one thing is certain and that is no matter where Anthony ends up, chances of him carrying on his success are greater than ever.

You can follow Anthony Birchak via twitter: @abirchakMMA

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