IMG-20170331-WA0023 (1)Nuur Muhammad Bhutia is the CEO of  BOOM MMA- Indian Premier Fighting Legaue  a mixed martial arts organization based in Kolkata, India which is widely regarded as being one of the biggest in India  and has some of the best MMA fighters of the Eastern India  on the roster including Ateet Kelvin Gupta, Indrajit Malakar, Mohamdullah Omar Eman Dost, Aquib Maqsood.  Nuur is also the Founder Director of Taponomics Combat Championship Pvt Ltd and the other directors are Ratul Mukherjee and Ritika Chandak.

Before setting Taponomics Nuur  had nearly 15 years of experience in the world of mixed martial arts. He has been trained in MMA under David Phang in Taiwan, he had fought lot of underground fights in early 2000. He had been scheduled to fight in One FC too.  Nuur has seen it all from Fighting to running a mma gym and fight club to match making and promotion and he is also leading team India (MMA)  in ISC World Games happening in Nepal happening in June 2017.

Nuur  has repeatedly been described as 'The most powerful man in Eastern India MMA Industry' along with Ratul Mukherjee due to his rapid success of his Company & Gym Taponomics which has taken over a strong hold and his relationship with other key players in the industry.

With having more than twenty gym who have franchisee of Taponomics makes Nuur as one of the GOD FATHER of West Bengal MMA Industry, he also holds the position of Trasurer of West Bengal Grappling Association.  Nuur Muhammad Bhutia has always been the great supporter of mma fighters and today majority of mma fighters earns their monthly bread & butter by working under Taponomics as Trainers .

In other words Nuur Muhammad Bhutia is one of the most famous face and name in Indian MMA Industry.  If anyone thinks that they can challenge him in this business than they will feel sorry for it soon.......


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  1. vicky kapoor
    Nuur Mohammed Bhutia is a Criminal Imprisoned in jail for illegal activities and ratul mukherjee also known as biggest cheater in bengal. Beware of them guys
  2. Hey Vicky Kapoor 5 successful events, all recorded in sherdog and tapology...Ohh I got it...I think ur ass got whopped in our event. You can confront us too...You know where to find us Mofo.
  3. Roshni
    Vicky Kapoor the one who commented above has got his head so far up his own ass that the world smells like shit for him. Get a job, I don't know if you are one of those who feels trapped inside a male body with female emotions or not, but you sure are acting like a jilted lover. Did Nuur and Ratul give you a double meat barrel from both ends? Why do you feel so helpless? Call the cops on them, take them to court, or better go and challenges them at any of the few dozen gyms they teach at. But please spare us your baseless rant on a person who signs paycheck for dozen of people much worthier than you. Get a life little boy.
  4. Robert
    You are full of that thing which is used to make biogas Vicky kapoor, you mother must be ashamed of you
  5. Dear people if you comment about me via a fake profile then all I can do is forgive you. If u want to make me a better human than tell me my shortcomings and I will be grateful. But I m sorry if you take the reality as a threat, it's not a threat it's the truth. It's just that you can't see it or don't want to see the truth. You might find truth on 7th may 2017, and may the truth set you free. Amen
  6. Sahil Adb
    I believe Vicky kapoor is d one who stalks ppl and gets jealous of their success coz he can't match them by his hardworking or sweat .....anyways Mr Vicky get a Lyf

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