The Return of the Nightmare


The Return of the Nightmare


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The Return of the Nightmare

13102632_976531182461867_601920831959345527_nArtur Rofi, after a two year hiatus from the professional mixed martial arts circuit, makes his long awaited return to the octagon. In this documentary, you get an inside look inside the mind of "The Albanian Nightmare" one of the top fighters at his weight class on the east coast as he made his return at XCC 24, as he competes in a 4-man tournament in which the winner receives a contract to the UFC.

Artur has one of the biggest hearts of any athlete that I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, including a number of professional football players. He is someone who dedicates himself to his craft but also to the people in his life. Even in this experience telling Artur's story I know that we have created a special bond.  I truly believe in his abilities and he will certainly be one of the biggest names in MMA within a few years


For more information on Artur, the best place is to friend him on Facebook "Artur Rofi"

Documentary Credits:

Producer/Director: Craig Gorbunoff

Director of Photography/Editor: Jarrett Strenner

Camera Operators: Mike Sheehan, Avery Federico

Craig Gorbunoff  "This project was so special to me especially being a former martial artist myself. I earned my 4th degree black belt in taekwondo before i stopped training a few years ago"

Please check out Craig Gorbunoff at his website and follow him at @cgorbs94


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