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Theodorou's Treats @AdamMartinShow

Food is more than just a necessity, it is also something that can be quite enjoyable. No matter what it may be, there is something out there for everyone to indulge in. Though sometimes eating habits can be an issue when it comes to actors/actresses, models, and yes professional athletes.

Some occupations require strict guidelines which include and affect, ones weight. For professional mixed martial arts, it is very important for a fighter to fight within the specified weight/within their class.  Not only do many consider it highly unprofessional for a competitor not to come in on weight, one “they”, the fighter legally signed and agreed to fight at, but also they lose a percentage of their fight purse, which hurts them financially as well.

Every fighter does however indulge. I can also guarantee that each and everyone one of them “cheats” on their diet from time to time. I spoke with UFC middleweight, Elias Theodorou about some foods he prefers to munch on when not on a set specific diet or in training camp. YES! The Spartan Indulges from time to time.

#1 – Nacho Pizza

#2 – Pizza Hut

#3 – French Toast

#4 – Cereals

#5 – Anything but chicken

What are some of your favorites?

Let Elias or myself know via @EliasTheodorou or @AdamMartinShow, even better send us pics of your favorite meals!

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